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YouTube Go APK: Google has finally released a new app in the name of YouTube Go App (Beta version) for sharing, saving and downloading online videos in an easier way. This app has been made available under the Google’s Early Access Program on the Google Play Store to download for free. This says that only the Android users can download the app and use them for the trial while the developers can identify any potential issues with the app when used by the wider audience. The app can be released in Indian languages coming from Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati and Malayalam.

Features of YouTube Go APK:

  •  Interface: YouTube Go works very similar to the regular YouTube app. The home page of the app has the videos listed just like YouTube scrolling down and swiping right revealing several other sections of the app. However, the video scroll is small as of now and the right swipe has only one section.
  •  Saved Section: This section displays the videos that you have saved/download from the database just like the ‘Wynk Music’ or any other app. In a primary app, this saving option to view videos offline is limited to certain videos. A user has to check the options to know if the video can be viewed offline or not. But, YouTube Go made it easy for you along with the downloading option.

youtube go apk

  •  Data Saver: The YouTube Go is launched in 15 cities for testing as the beta version in Play Store where users can download the application and use it especially in regions where there is inconsistent internet connection. This application works with low bandwidth or offline allowing the users to view the videos for 29 days after saving the video.
  • Multiple Video Qualities: After tapping on the view, you can find options to download the video in two different resolutions saying, basic quality (144p) and Standard quality (360p) respectively. However, there is no HD quality option available for the users to download the videos considering that the app works with slow internet connection.
  • Sharing via Bluetooth: Videos can be shared with friends on the YouTube Go using Bluetooth However the listing will not reveal this specific feature as it requires a proper internet connection to perform a security check on receiving of the video if you’re doing it offline. The app is very small in size with 8.5 MB file size and you can choose to download the videos based on their file sizes too.

How does YouTube Go APK download works?

how does youtube go work

A pop window opens when you select the video from the home page and tap on it showing the preview followed by an option to download the video with ‘Basic quality’ and ‘Standard Quality’ in the menu. Basic Quality is a less resolution version with minimum file size while the Standard Quality downloads videos of 360MB. The popup also displays the available space on your device to keep you updated about your storage. You can either add the downloaded videos to the list and watch them offline or just save them. The saved videos will stay on the list to be watched online for 29 days after downloading before they vanish.

Video Sharing from One device to other:

A brand new feature of YouTube Go App download is that it gives you two options to ‘Send’ and ‘Receive.’ Using these options, the users can either send or receive the videos in their vicinity. If you have an idea of how ShareIt works, this follows the similar pattern where the sender taps on the Send button to send the video while the receiver has to select the receive button to build a private wireless network where one device transfers the video to the other. However, this video can’t be played with any video player and can only be opened with the YouTube Go App after downloading.

Download YouTube Go APK on your device:

YouTube Go APK has been made available on the Google Play Store for all the Android devices in all the regions. In case if you can’t find it on the devices, download the link from here. To do that,

Download APK

  1. Initially, go to the ‘Settings’ on your system tray menu and access ‘Security.’
  2. Now, go to the ‘Unknown Sources’ and check it to download the app from third-party sources.
  3. Download the file from the above link and access it from the notification bar.
  4. Click on the ‘Install’ button and wait for the installation to be done.

Is YouTube Go APK download worth, a try?

YouTube Go is not much different than YouTube for users with consistent and fast internet connection. However, it is ideal and beneficial for users who don’t have access to WiFi and who suffer from a slow internet connection. The options to save and view the videos, download the videos in optimized resolution and to share these videos from one device to other without any data consumption will help them save their mobile data. The videos are updated in the database, but only ten videos can be displayed on the home page in one go. But, using ‘search’ option, you can download the videos by entering the keyword and therefore, download it and use it to watch your favourite videos repetitively.

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