US Presidential Election Live Results 2016

US Presidential Elections Live Results 2016: Big day for all the Americans indeed! We are here to educate you clearly today about the US Presidential Elections and tell you who’s gonna win it. Well, not literally, but yes using the US Elections prediction map we can pretty much guess that who’s gonna replace Barrack Obama as the President of the United States.

In this fight between the Republic party and the Democratic party, it is a great sight to see how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton play the so called game of chess to win the throne.

us presidential election live results

So we are here to tell you when is the US election and how does it work? We are also sharing the US Presidential elections live results and the US elections poll tracker so that you can keep an eye out for the US presidential election winner. So for real-time results of the U.S. elections 2016 and Google trends, see the below graphic.

Who are the Parties?

The Republican Party


Also known as the Grand Old Party, the Republicans are America’s winning party and their behaviour is inclined towards anti-immigration, anti-universal healthcare and anti-gun control. They aim to create a small government and support individual liberty. They win most of the votes from the southern and rural states of the USA.

Nominee: Donald J Trump

The Democratic Party


This party is also known as America’s centre-left party. They are in favour of a bigger government and welfare of the whole and not just an individual or so. Their party platform tends to be, pro-choice, pro-universal healthcare and pro-gun control.

The Democratic party wins a lot of votes from the North, particularly along the coast and in the major cities.

Nominee: Hillary Rodham Clinton

When is the US Election 2016?


Every US citizen will go to the put their vote on November 8th 2016.

Who will Win? Any Guesses?

The two candidates couldn’t be more different – and the opinion polls have have swung wildly between neck-and-neck and 5 points difference. So we decided to bring you the latest poll results, along with the rolling average.

US Presidential Elections 2016 Google Trends


Let us know who would you like to win? Whom did you vote for if you are from America? Cheers and let us know what you think in the comments section. Let’s discuss America! 🙂

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