Why is Tutu app Not Working? | Unable to Install Pokemon Go in Tutuapp

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Tutu app not Working is the Tutuapp problem that everyone is facing in the last 2 days after the Pokemon Go got a new update with the Nests and Pokemon Go generation 2 pokemons. We have already shared a tutuapp download guide for tutuapp apk and tutuapp ios download so you can refer that link to solve tutuapp not working, tutuapp prevent soft ban and also dowload tutuapp easily. In this post we will be adressing the Tutuapp not working and the unable to install Pokemon Go in Tutuapp problem. So without any much delay we would like to begin.

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Tutu App Not Working in Android Devices

So why exactly is Tutu app not working? We have received a lot of queries regarding this on our earlier article on Tutuapp Download and Tutuapp Problems and we thought to share a few thoughts and let you all know what is happening. Tutuapp not working problem.

When I try to open Pokemon Go in Tutuapp on my android device, it opens up with no joystick or the Tutuapp no controller found and then just closes or crashes. These Tutuapp problems will be soon addressed in the next Tutuapp update and we will keep you notified till then.


Basically Tutuapp Pokemon Go was a location faker app in which you could travel around the world using the simple controller and could easily catch Pokemons anywhere using the Tutuapp Pokemon Go hack. It is obvious that it was against the Pokemon Go & Niantic policies so we are guessing that in the latest Pokemon Go update with the Nests and pokemon go generation 2 update, they have improved it by removing the access to Tutuapp.

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When will Tutuapp Start Working?

Tutu app Not Working problem will be mostly solved very soon by the Tutuapp developers since they will be needing the new maps and update the Pokemon Go game in their app as well. If you are on Android and can’t see the Tutuapp controller options or Tutuapp joystick not visible, then be patient until the Tutuapp developers solve this problem and get the new updated Pokemon Go Tutuapp going.

Unable to Install Pokemon Go in Tutuapp

why is tutu app not working

Does tutu app for pokemon go still work? This is the question asked by every person and if you are too on iOS and are unable to install pokemon go Tutuapp on iOS 9.9.3, don’t get freaked. I myself tried installing the Pokemon Go Tutuapp on iPad but could not install it and got the error shown above in the image. This is purely because of the new Pokemon Go update and Pokemon Go in tutuapp not working problem will be solved real soon by the Tutu app developers.

Download pokemon tutuapp go wont open is another such kind of a problem that people are facing but we request you all to be patient while Tutuapp developers do their best in bringing back the app and Pokemon Go!

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So these were out answers on why tutu app is not working, well we would like to tell you that we will be sharing a great Pokemon Go ios hack soon on website so please keep watching the space. We will update this article once we post the new Pokemon Go hack without Tutuapp so staty tuned!


  1. Any guess on time-frame? :/

  2. I was able to install Pokemon go hack with the tutuapp same iOS version but on my iPad with no problems. 9.3.3. Cannot do it on iPhone because I have installed it on it before I would assume.

    • Hi Jason, can you share the procedure you followed for iPad for all the other users, step by step please? Thanks for stopping by!

      • Same as is posted everywhere. I cannot replicate it on the iPhone. It is important to note that I have never installed it on the iPad before. And yes I’m running it on the latest version of the hack 1.1.0. The iPhone on the other gives me the same error “unable to download “

        • UPDATE

          I managed to install the hack on my iPhone that had an earlier version installed on it with the error in installation when trying to update. I guess the servers for tutuapp were having a hiccup before. But I went ahead and went to settings>general>reset>reset network settings

          And followed the same procedures as listed everywhere was able to successful install the 1.1.0 hack this time on the iPhone.

          • Also it appears that tutuapp released an update to the hack, as the one is found in the front page of the app with lesser amount of likes and comments atm still V1.1.0

          • I was also able to install 1.1.0 but there is no joystick to walk around

          • Jblackturd says

            Yeah something weird pops up about not being able to find the grand elf or something lol

  3. Maelui Yumiko says

    I am having the same problem with Tutuapp, but it’s NOT just Pokémon Go that is having an issue. I had Pokémon Go downloaded on my phone, and earlier this morning around 9am (August 2nd West Coast Pacific Time), the app kept crashing, and wouldn’t load beyond the Niantic load screen. Since the issue with Pokémon Go not downloading, I have tried downloading other apps from Tutuapp, and NOTHING will download from their App Store. I tried a bunch of other apps not related to Pokémon Go, and none of the apps would download. I tried deleting Tutuapp, and Pokémon Go, but when I tried to redownload Pokémon Go, I received an error that it couldn’t download. I tried changing my date to July 10th 2012, and that didn’t work. I tried airplane mode, and that didn’t work either. So, I think Tutuapp needs to update their main App Store as well, because none of their apps would download. I’m very sad, as I can’t play Pokémon Go anymore. I’m not able to venture around my area much, and having a taste of being able to move around in the comfort of my home without going outside was enough to hook me. Sad times. ;_;

    • Yes Indeed Maelul. Thanks for such a great comment to explain it all. Though we will be writing a new Pokemon Go iOS hack soon. I hope that makes up for the Tutuapp. Also I will share the Tutuapp update as soon as I get some news!

  4. Hey Jason let us know how you got it working.? Thanks admin for taking the time to let us know.

    • UPDATE

      I managed to install the hack on my iPhone that had an earlier version installed on it with the error in installation when trying to update. I guess the servers for tutuapp were having a hiccup before. But I went ahead and went to settings>general>reset>reset network settings

      And followed the same procedures as listed everywhere was able to successful install the 1.1.0 hack this time on the iPhone.

  5. Mamoon rouf says

    Any Idea roughly how long before the app is updated?im like a crack addict but for pokemon go!

  6. Still not working.. waiting for your upcoming article.. :'(

  7. Do u guys know when the hack will start working again?

  8. Does anyone if or when it will start working again

  9. Am i got v1.1.0 but its missing the joypad

  10. Hi all,

    I could not get this to work yesterday. However, i have just downloaded the 1.1.0 version and it has loaded…

    But there are no arrows anymore. Just a little arrow which when i tap it says:

    “has not been found in the vicinity to be reminded of the elf”


  11. Any news about the tutuapp?

  12. is working for me now! send me your emails and ill let you know how in IOS!

  13. The steps jason did work on ipad joysticks and all.

  14. [UPDATE] : Tutuapp Working Now, solved!

    Hey guys, here’s the new article for using Tutuapp Pokemon Go. We have also included a video guide for the same. Follow this link: Tutuapp Pokemon Go iOS 9.3.3 Hack

  15. Hello, i already download tutuapp and pokemon go inside..

    The cursor was seen and iam quietly glad,but while iam entering the game, notification appear that i must download the latest version of pokemon go…

    My device and my country isn’t available for pokemon..
    So what should i do to remove that update notifications?

  16. Hello, it is currently Wednesday, 03 August 2016, 22:22 and I’m using a Samsung S4 Android Lollipop device. The TutuApp Pokemon Go was working fine since last week Friday (when I first downloaded the app) but about 3 hours ago, the App crashed, and I uninstall and reinstalled the app as usual, but after my Login with my PTC account, there is a RED BANNER on to of the screen that states, “A new version of Pokemon Go is available. Would you like to update now?”. and in the middle of the screen there is a WHITE BLOCK with the words, “Update to continue…” and a GREEN BUTTON in the middle that says, “Ok”. When I press the OK green button, it requests me to Update the ORIGINAL PlayStore APP. Which obviously is NOT the same as the TutuApp one. Any Advice? Do you think TutuApp will have an Updated 0.31.0 Version ? Thank you in advance.

  17. I was able to download pokemon go but not install it onto my android phone (samsung note 3). What do i do to make it work?

  18. I wasnt able to download pokemon go but not install it onto my android phone (samsung note 3). What do i do to make it work?

  19. Does anyone have an answer why i cant get pokemon go to install on my samsung note 3 or my samsung s7

  20. What’s the elf thing?

  21. For those who didnt got joystick on screen.try installed app(tutu app)->in app info–> scroll down–> permission manager–> allow display pop up window option. had same problem before . now its working. \m/

  22. Hi. I have a problem with tutu. I have donwload pokèmon go on tutuapp for android. But, that pokemon go which I download on tutuapp is not working. I found “app is not installed”. I don’t understand why. Maybe you can help me. My Android is 5.1.1

  23. bastcilk doptb says

    Good blog! I truly love how it is easy on my eyes and the data are well written. I am wondering how I could be notified when a new post has been made. I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed which must do the trick! Have a great day!

  24. Hi, im on lollipop 5.1 and downloaded a hack by tutuapp but every time i open it it closes and shows a note with some chinese text and pokemon go on the end.


  25. Woke up today and both my tutu app and Pokemon go app says I have to verify them again I tried but it just loads for a moment then stops and now I can’t play the hacked version anymore help help please XD

  26. I figured out how to download tutuapp once again after giving up but today I gave a random method a try. First download the tutuapp at tutuapp.com then after it finishes downloading, click done when the unable to install message pops up. Then go back to the tutuapp.com and download it again this Wil result in two tutuapps and one will be a shaded one and the other will be a regular functioning bright like the other apps. And wallah tutuapp should work all you need to do now is trust it.

  27. Hi guys tutuvworks fine the problem is that no joystick is appearing for android please help mine is 5.1.1. GUYS PLEASE HELP ME

  28. Please remind me when the app is working again this is the second time the app isn’t re downloading again. It was fixed the past week or two but now it’s not working. ?

  29. Oh and also the thing is Tutuapp will install but the Pokémon game will not. Any suggestions


  31. i just recently tried to re download the tutu app and when i went to verify the app it informed me that Apple revoked the premissiom for the app.

  32. eggwalkerpoop says

    Is it broken again? Starting yesterday TuTuApp VIP just flashes screen quick and disappears (crashes).

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