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Updated:Oct 9, 2021
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Pokenotify Apk

Download Pokenotify APK: I know you all must have been aware of the news that Pokenotify has been taken down by Google Play Store and everyone is looking for the pokenotify apk to install it on their smartphones in order to catch Pokemons in a better way. Pokenotify APK isn’t available online but we need to contact the download Pokenotify website and subscribe to their mailing list and they will send the link to the Pokenotify apk in our mailbox. Well, without having to follow this tedious task, we are offering you the link to Pokenotify APK right here in this post.

What is Pokenotify? PokeNotify is one of the important Pokemon Go apps which makes every Pokemon Master happy. PokeNotify allows you to find the Pokemons while playing Pokemon Go and you will be notified automatically on your phone or smart-watch when those Pokemon are near your location. When discovered, PokeNotify will alert you to the Pokemon’s presence and also tell you the Pokemon’s exact location around your area.

PokeNotify does not talk to Niantic’s servers from your phone. PokeNotify talks to a “middle-man” service. This middle-man service uses its own Pokemon GO accounts, not the user’s personal Pokemon GO account, set up on his/her phone. So the accounts used are in no way tied to user Pokemon GO accounts.

In addition, since a middle-man service is being used, things like your phone’s unique footprint (IP address, Android version, phone model, etc) that could be used to identify you are never passed to Niantic’s servers through PokeNotify.

I hope you will enjoy using the Pokenotify apk and catch lots of new Pokemons on your journey, feel free to comment below and share the article to support my blog, cheers!