Pokegod App Download iOS: Best Pokemon Go Hack Ever!

Pokegod App Download iOS: We all know how hard Niantic is working to remove all the Pokemon Go hack apps and other such bots but we all love those apps and bots, don’t we? You might have read on Apps Prison about the Tutuapp hack which allowed Android and iOS players to play Pokemon Go without moving. Today, we introduce you all the newest and the most promising Pokemon Go hack, Pokegod! Yes, as the name sounds, it is a fantastic application which will allow you to literally just sit on your couch and tap a few times to catch new Pokemon Go at different locations. We will share the Pokegod app for iOS and also talk about Pokegod APK for Android smartphones in this article.

PokeGOD is essentially a bot that plays the Pokemon Go game for you. It is developed by a student at UC Berkeley in his spare time. It simulates walking at a pace that won’t get your character in trouble or banned (the0retcically) , and it can catch Pokemon for you so you don’t have to walk out around town to capture those cute little creatures. The Pokegod app also supports PokeStop spinning if you first share the app with friends to unlock the feature. Let’s get on to the Pokegod download right away so that you can enjoy this new Pokemon Go iOS hack/cheat.

How to Get PokeGod App Download for iOS

pokegod app ios

The most surprising part of Pokegod app is that it made it to the Apple App Store. There are hundreds of such apps like the Fly GPS APK which also allows location spoofing in Pokemon Go but this is really amazing as it can be purchased and downloaded on the App Store as well officially. All you need to do is just follow the below link and get the Pokegod Download and start catching Pokemon in a new way just by sitting at your home. So download Pokegod now!

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Download Now


PokeGod APK for Android

If you are looking to get Pokegod Android version, we would like you to check out the below two apps which allow Pokemon Go spoofing on Android devices. Since Poke God, is not currently available for Android users. Though we will update you with the latest pokegod apk if they let it out officially.

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How to Use Pokegod App

In order to use Pokegod app, you will need a Google or PTC account. You should also have the Pokeballs and items which you wish to use while catching Pokemon. It shows you all Pokemon in your nearby area with timers below each one of them and one can even spin Pokestops to collect items while using Pokegod. We even have speculations that the next update will include expanding the scan radius, faster scanning algorithm, adjusting the walking speed, and more. Watch the below video for the Pokegod demo and how to play around with this awesome app!

We always advise you to not use such hacks as it may lead to the ban which is very bad if you love this game. We just share it since its a source of information and for fun purpose. So make sure you use your dummy accounts to try this Pokegod hack. Share this article if you liked it, we hope you keep following us for more such updates! Comment below if you have any doubts, thanks!

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