Poke Advisor : Track Your Pokemon Go Progress in the Community

Pokemon Go has gone viral and has become the most downloaded app in all appstores. It has brought everyone out of their homes and connected each other. Though there is not an actual official app or website that connects all the Pokemon Go trainers at one place. Poke Advisor is one such website developed by a person who shared it on Reddit a few days back. It basically allows you to check your stats and also check the stats of the world’s top Pokemon Go trainers. It is designed very well to fit in any of your devices and is even really optimised well to run fast. Pokevisor or Poke Advisor is an amazing website which even allows you to manage, check Pokedex and interact with the whole community, so let’s check how we can use this latest app for the maximum benefit.

poke advisor

What is Poke Advisor?

Poke Advisor is basically a website where you can track your Pokemon Go adventure progress and even share with the fellow Pokemon Go trainers. There are over 100k users on the website currently and the number keeps on rising every second. When you put in your data and profile, the Poke Advisor website will analyse your statistics and rank you among the top players if you fit in. You can check out the players who are ranking on the top and their Pokemon Go stats so that you can learn from them and improve yourself.

The website design of Poke Advisor is really clean and beautiful which any Pokemon Go fanatic would love to visit and use. It comes with a number of features which can be very helpful, so let’s have a look at it’s features in brief.

Poke Advisor Features

Now that you know what is this app about, it’s important to know what all it offers to a Pokemon Go trainer so that you can utilise all those features of ┬áthis amazing app while playing the game and when you are tired in the evening, you can match your performance with the world’s best players and aim to defeat them. So let’s check out the features now!


The Trainer tab allows you to search any player who exists on this app’s community and you can know all the details about him/her. It shows all the details including their Pokecoins, potions and level of the trainer as well. It also shows how the trainer actually plays Pokemon Go and trains his/her Pokemons by showing the Pokemons the trainer has caught till now, Pokemons Encountered and how accurately the trainer has caught Pokemons by showing the number of Pokeballs thrown.

Moreover it also show how much Gym prestige the trainer has earned along his journey and the battles won. Pokeadvisor even shows how much a player is active by showing the number of kilometres traveled and the number of eggs hatched which is a great measure to know how often the players plays this game on a particular day.

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The knowledge bank of Pokemon Go is right here. Poke Advisor has a tab named Pokedex which shows all the details of each Pokemon that exists in this game. This list can be used to know which Pokemon is of what type, what are it’s strengths and weaknesses and much more. So basically a Pokedex can be used to decide how to march your team of Pokemons in order to beat the best around the world.


poke advisor manager tab

You can call it the Performance tracking tab if you want since the Manager tab in Poke Advisor shows you all the data about the Pokemons you have caught till date. This tab allows you to take a moment and decide how your Pokemon team needs to look in the future so that you can take down more gyms with a combination of high CP + high IV Pokemons.

It gives you the liberty to search your Pokemons by name or filter by CP, in alphabetical order, by their rank in the Pokedex or by the most recently caught Pokemons. This is very helpful since the IV score (100% with 15, 15, 15) shows how powerful your Pokemon is. Also filtering by CP allows you to decide how to spend your Stardust and candies on different Pokemons or different Pokemons of the same type.


If you want to know why this app is the best Pokemon Go progress tracking website, then Community tab is the answer. You can find all the statistics of the top players in this tab which includes the Leaderboard, where the players are ranked on the basis of Pokemons caught, IV scores of Pokemons, Pokestops looted, gym battles won and the number of Pokemons explored. Poke Advisor has some amazing algorithms at the backend which helps to rank the top players around the world.

This tab also offers the list of players who have earned the most prestige points for the different three teams namely, Mystic, Instinct and Valor. The great thing is that all the data or statistics in the Community tab are updated every 20 minutes which is superb so that all the players can stay updated with the Pokemon Go data about all their target players around the world and strategise their gameplay in the future.

So this was all about the online app which you can use to track your Pokemon Go progress and compete with all the other players around the world. We highly recommend you to use Poke Advisor if you are a Pokemon Go enthusiast and love playing the game. If you have any other questions about this, feel free to comment below. We will help you out in the best way possible!


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