Download PokeGo++ iOS: Hack Pokemon Go 1.3.0 Without Tutuapp [100% WORKING]

Since it’s release in July, Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. Despite the popularity, there have been issues that are constantly emerging of the app, and recently it has been restricted in many Asian countries including India, China However, the latest Pokemon Go update (Poke Go++) has also been launched on the App store and people who downloaded it has noticed many changes. Amongst all is that you don’t have to install any tweaks like Masterball if your smartphone is jailbroken. In a nutshell, Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go has removed the firewall that blocks all the jailbroken users from accessing the game.

Therefore, your app won’t take time in loading or shows a black screen or crashes upon launching it. Secondly, due to the enhancement of servers, most of the Pokemon Go hacks (including Pokemon Go iOS joystick hack and latest Pokemon Go iOS hack) doesn’t work now. Tutu app has been prominent for a while in both iOS and an Android world for allowing users to download tons of paid apps. However, it has stopped working recently, and the developer is still figuring on the update.

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hack pokemon go 1.3.0 ios

As a result, most of the users are confronted with the question, “How to play Pokemon Go without Tutu app?”. Coming to your rescue is this article that describes you the step by step procedure of Pokemon Go iOS hack download without Cydia, in other words without jailbreaking your device. Additionally, this procedure also allows you to play Pokemon go without moving, by teleporting or by changing the speed.

How to play Pokemon Go Without Jailbreaking (Pokemon Go iOS hack download)

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  • To get Poke Go++ on your iOS device (be it iPad or iPhone), you need to get the Cydia Impactor, initially. Developed by Saurik, it’s a well functioning GUI Tool used for working with iOS devices
  • Download the latest update of Cydia Impactor (keep a note that it works both on the Mac and Windows) and the latest Pokemon Go .ipa file from the below given links,

Download Cydia                                           Download IPA

  • Now, connect your device to your computer using a USB and launch the Cydia Impactor on the computer
  • Locate the .ipa file in the drive, drag and drop it into Cydia Impactor. Once you’ve done it, make a sign in using your Apple credentials

pokego++ cydia impactor

  • When prompted after signing in, click on “Allow” to get access. This procedure is very much similar to downloading the unsigned apps with the help of iFunbox, just enter your Apple ID and password
  • After accessing it, you can find the interface displaying a popup with ‘Start’ option. Click on it and you can see Poke Go++ being installed on the device. Once the installation is done, you can start using it as the mod is built on the official version (Which means you should have the official version installed on the device before)
  • Before launching the device, go to the Profile settings and ‘Trust the app’ to get uninterrupted access. To do this, Go to Settings>General>Profile & Device Management. Tap on your ‘Apple ID’ that is listed and select ‘Trust “your Apple ID”. Launch the game from the tray menu and witness the changes without jailbreaking your device


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However, a drawback of this process is that you have to keep repeating the process every week for it to work as the free account lasts only for seven days after the sign in. Also, consider that your account will be banned initially for downloading the Pokemon Go iOS hack which will go away after few hours. If you have any doubts regarding the installation process of PokeGo ++, approach us in the comment section so that we can guide you through solving the issue with an appropriate solution.


  1. trouble with the CI and IPA file, ask for an android device

    • I didn’t have any issues. Connect your iDevice to the computer; it should pop up above the dropdown menu. Then you just click and drag the app/ipa onto your device’s name, and hey-presto, you can install it. Alternately, if you don’t mind paying 9.99USD, you can download Go++ and many other apps that have tweaks in cydia from the Buildstore. Just look it up, because I’m not entirely sure I’m allowed to post links, and I’m essentially advertising it for free. That 10$USD, it gets you a years worth of time for you to download and use those tweaks. If you visit the site, they have a better explanation. Either way, I hope I could help.

  2. Fellas who of you play Pokemon GO? Amazing game, yesterday i caught rare pokemon Hitmonchan using pokebusterbot
    ! No ban so far, still using it. You should too.

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