Kodi is Gone!? – Seized or an April Fools Prank?

This morning just when I woke up I made a vow to myself to not trust anybody or anything that takes place today but wait, Kodi is gone really? Well, if you try opening the official websites http://www.kodi.tv/ , you will be able to see the U.S government logos and it says that the site has been seized by ICE, Homeland Security. There has been a havoc around in the Kodi community because it’s the most used software by all people after the torrents being shut down. What we are yet to find out that is this really an April Fools’ Prank pulled out or is Kodi gone down for real!?

According to Solo Man, a great YouTube’r who creates videos about all the tutorials on Kodi, it might be a joke or can be official news as well. What is interesting is find out what will be the Kodi alternatives if this is really a real news?

is kodi gone?

Kodi Seized ?

Most of the people in the Kodi community believe that this is just a hoax since how in the world has ICE something to do with Kodi? While some people also think that, those who happen to have Kodi can still use it but those who have deleted it, might not be able to use it anytime in the future. Many of them are also complaining about Exodus not working on Kodi and such issues but who knows.

Is Kodi Gone ?

One of the guys even showed the proof that they have just changed the image in the logo file of the website just to fool the people but who knows, it might be really true. We will have to wait a day for the same to be confirmed but to be on the safe side, you can just download Kodi from Google Play Store until it’s still up.

Download Kodi App

We will keep you updated with the latest news about the Kodi going down or if Kodi really shut down. Make sure you keep checking our website for further updates. Let us know what do you think in the comments section or if you have any solid proof that it is really an April Fools’ Prank? Have a good day..err!

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