Download Google Allo APK, iOS & Problem Fixes

Google Allo APK Download: Sending SMS to someone in this age of technology is a passe. People have moved forward and instead of sending SMSes, everyone has started using Instant Messaging services. These IM services use internet connection to send messages and most of such services are free. One of the most famous IM service is Whatsapp. After the success of Whatsapp, the tech giant; Google, couldn’t stop itself from jumping into the race of mobile based IM applications! Google launched its new application called Google Allo which functions similar to Whatsapp but with a lot of new features.

Google Allo is not only a texting application, it is much more. The app comes with built-in AI assistant that does tons of work for you! Grab a cup of coffee as you read this ultimate guide for Google Allo that includes Google Allo tricks, all the fixes for errors in google allo, Google Allo APK and much more!

Top 5 Google Allo Tips and Tricks

google allo apk

1. Chat Suggestions

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your phone could understand what you want to say? Well, with Google Allo it is possible! Google Allo’s assistant provides the user a set of suggestions to reply back with which are based on the conversations you have with others. This helps you to respond faster in a chat session.

2. Play Games

Usually a messaging app is restricted to sending messages and other media files. But with Google Allo, one can even play games with it! All you need to do so is to open the Google Assistant and type “Let’s Play A Game” and the assistant will open a list of games that you can play. Surprisingly, Google Allo comes with a wide range of games to play!

google allo games

3. Incognito Mode

Often it happens that you want to chat with someone but secretly and don’t want those messages to show in your public chat. What can you do in such scenarios? Well, if you are using Google Allo then all you have to do is to switch to incognito mode. To go in Incognito Mode, you need to click on new message icon and click on start Incognito Chat.

4. Send messages to Non Allo devices

Google Allo allows the users to send messages to devices which are not using Allo. These messages are sent over internet to the other person’s mobile. But the sad part is that these messages are just invitations to join the application. Also these chat history can’t be transferred to the default messaging app.

5. Deleting Blank Chats

This is kind of a bug in Google Allo, if you open someone’s chat but don’t send them a message and close the chat then it will appear as a blank chat in your chat list. These blank chats can be deleted easily, all you have to do is to open the chat window and then click on the profile picture. Now you will see the option to delete, after pressing delete, that particular conversation would be deleted.

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How to Download Google Allo APK for Android Devices

At times Google Play store can be notorious and may not allow you to download applications because of Google Play Store errors. If you want to download Allo but can’t do so because of some or the other error then don’t worry as you can download the Google Allo APK on your smartphone and install google allo without even downloading it from the play store.

  • First of all download Google Allo APK from the below links

Download APK Here

  • Transfer it to your smartphone from your computer or if you downloaded it on your mobile,
  • Now go ahead and tap on the APK to install if.
  • If you see prompt saying “Installation of Apps from Unknown sources is blocked” Then go to Settings> Security> Allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Grant permissions required for installing Google Allo.
  • The app will start installing and would be completed in few minutes!

Google Allo For iOS

Since we all know the grudge that Google and Apple have against each other, there was a lot of confusion whether Google Allo would be cross platform or not. Whether Google Allo would come to iOS or not. Thankfully, Google was kind enough and it promised Allo for iOS too! Since Allo would be soon available on the iOS store, it will open gates for google to reach a wider audience. Also the people using Apple devices can experience the awesome technology that Google Allo uses.

Sadly, the app hasn’t touched the gates of the iOS store till now. Usually a company takes some time to release cross-platform functionality, and the same is happening with Allo. It is expected that the app will come for the iOS store anytime soon.

How to fix “Unfortunately Google Allo has stopped” error

If you are familiar with Android then you might be knowing that some new applications crash often or just stop working. Unfortunately, Google Allo is one of them. Fortunately, this error can be easily fixed on Android devices. All you have to do is to follow the instructions below:

1. For Samsung Devices:

  • Boot into Safe Mode by pressing the Volume down button while the device boots up.
  • After booting in the safe mode, head to the settings > applications on your phone.
  • Find Google Allo from it and then wipe its data as well as cache.
  • Now reboot your device
  • Hopefully the error would be solved by now.

2. For Xperia Devices:

  • Press and hold the power key
  • Tap OK on the safe mode prompt, this will make the device boot into safe mode.
  • Go to the settings of the device after booting into the safe mode.
  • Then go to Device> Apps
  • Find Google Allo from the list and then wipe its data and cache.

If the above method wasn’t successful for you then don’t worry as we have another method to do the same.

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Boot into recovery mode by pressing Home, Volume and the Power Key
  • After the device boots into recovery mode, use your volume keys and navigate to Wipe Cache Partition and press the power button to wipe it.
  • After wiping, reboot your device and your issue would be solved.

Fix Google Allo “Oops, we can’t reach Allo Servers” Error on Android

google allo server error

Allo isn’t fun for everyone. Few of the users have reported that they are facing the issue of  “Oops, we can’t reach Allo Servers” in Google Allo. If by any means you are one of these people then cheer up as we have a list of things that you can do to fix this error. Try the following:

  • Restart Your Android/iOS device
  • If your phone is connected to a router in which other routers are also connected then instead of using that router,try to use your mobile data. Or disconnect other devices from that router.
  • Also you can try resetting your Wifi/Router, this may also fix the problem.
  • Go to Settings > Apps, locate Google Allo and clear the cache along with the data of the app.
  • If it still doesn’t work then go to settings > apps > Google Allo. Force Stop the app and if it still doesn’t work then go ahead and re-install the app.

This was our ultimate guide for Google Allo. Hope that we cleared all your questions regarding the errors, how to download google Allo on iOS and Android. If your errors are still not solved or you still can’t figure out how to install google allo apk then comment below and we will take care of it.

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