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Pokemesh 9.2 APK

Tutuapp Download: Hey Pokemon Go lovers, do you want to learn how to use Tutuapp Pokemon Go and play the game anywhere you are? I bring you one of the latest hack for Pokemon Go for Android as well as for iOS devices using which you can play Pokemon Go anywhere in the world. In this article I will cover everything you need to know about the app which includes how to download the app, tutuapp android apk, tutuapp ios without jailbreak, tutuapp apple id problem, tutuapp ip problem and lot more about this amazing app. So read this guide to know everything you want to know and start playing games which you wanted to play since long for free.

UPDATE: Latest TutuApp 1.2.05 APK Download

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What is Tutuapp Apk? TutuApp Pokemon Go

If you know Google App Store or the iOS App Store, Tutuapp is basically just a replica of them. It’s an app store and by downloading the Tutuapp apk, you can get an additional benefit of being able to download the paid apps and access apps which aren’t released in your own country as well. Downloading this app allows you to simply get all the premium apps with some great functionalities as well. With Tutuapp for iOS you can download all the paid and premium apps on your iPhone and enjoy them without any problems.

download tutuapp apk

With this app you can even get the latest Pokemon Go game on your smartphone no matter where you live in this world. Tutuapp Pokemon Go was available right after the minute of the official launch of the Pokemon Go in United States. This app get all the tweaked and paid apps at a lightning fast speed so you can always rely on it. What you need to do to hack Pokemon Go using Tutuapp is that, just download Tutuapp Apk or Tutuapp for iOS and install it on your smartphones or devices. You can start playing any games or using any paid apps easily.

Is Tutuapp Safe?

The next question that comes to your mind is that is Tutuapp safe to use? There are many instances when people download apps and then their smartphone starts to crash often and face many such issues. So it’s better to know this before hand if it is safe to use Tutuapp or not. So the answer to this question is Yes! It is safe to use Tutuapp on your phones though we recommend you to use this Tutuapp hack for Pokemon Go from different accounts to keep the main accounts safe.

We have heard that Pokemon Go has banned some people for some hours so we recommend you to play it safe by using a new account of Pokemon Go while using Tutuapp.

Features of Tutuapp Android and iOS

  • Application Market: Find and download millions of premium apps and games without any ID and totally free
  • Cleaning Expert: There is this great feature included in the app to clear up the garbage collection and free memory in order to speed up the phone
  • Easy to use Interface: It has a very clean and easy interface to use and understand

tutuapp download

  • Data Migration from Android to iOS (vice-versa): You can easily use the cattle technology which allows data transfer between any two devices irrespective of the OS by just scanning the code using Wi-fi network
  • Best Mobile Assistant: With an access to contacts, battery and calendar it speaks for itself as the best helpful assistant to exist on your mobile phones

How to Download Tutuapp APK | How to Use Tutuapp

Since you know everything about the Tutuapp and it’s amazing capabilities and functionalities, now I will show you how to download Tutuapp for Android without rooting. Just follow the steps mentioned below in order to get tutuapp apk free easily!

Watch the video tutorial below to easily download Tutuapp APK in just under a minute!

  1. Go to from your Andriod smartphone
  2. Click on the green download tutuapp apk button you see
  3. Since it’s a third party app, you will be asked whether you want to save the Tutuapp apk or not, click on Yes
  4. You are done!

Alternate Method to download Tutuapp: Just go the the Tutuapp website from your PC and click on the Android icon, then click on the green ‘Download’ button and you are done. Now you need to transfer the Tutuapp apk to your smartphone using a USB cable or Bluetooth. Once done, find it from the File Manager and install it. Locate it on your homescreen or app screen and click on it, the Tutuapp store will open up!

How to Download Tutuapp for iOS Without Jailbreak

To download Tutuapp for iOS without jailbreak, you do not need a PC but just a good internet connection would help you get Tutuapp iOS download in a jiffy on your iPhones or iPads. Just follow the below procedure and start using Tutuapp.


  • Open Safari browser and go to in your iPhone/iPad
  • Once the page opens, click on the icon shown in the picture below

tutuapp ios download

  • When you will click on that button, you will be asked to confirm and install the app, so click on ‘Confirm’
  • Once you have downloaded it, you will be able to see it on your homescreen, click on it and start using it right away!
  • You can even download the Tutuapp iOS jailbreak version from the website on PC easily. Let us know if you have any doubts.

Tutuapp Problems

tutuapp problem fixes

Now that you people have download Tutuapp apk and Tutuapp for iOS, I would like to discuss some common Tutuapp problems which I faced during my encounter on Android and an iOS device. I will address all the common issues about Tutuapp and give you the possible and easy Tutuapp problem fixes so that you can use this amazing app without any problems. So let’s discuss them without any delay!

Can’t Download Tutu App Android

If you are an Android user and are facing problems in downloading Tutuapp and can’t download Tutu app for Android, I have a simple solution for you all. Yes it might be a little confusing to download Tutuapp apk from their official website because it is in Chinese language but we want to let you know this before hand.

Try once if you can download and install the Tutuapp from your mobile phone but if you cannot,

  • Go to from your PC or laptop
  • Use the below trick to access Tutu app english version and Click on ‘Android’
  • Then Download the Tutu app apk
  • Transfer it to your Android smartphone using a USB cable
  • Then Install it from your File Manager
  • You are done!

Tutu app English Version | Tutuapp in English

The first and the foremost thing that most people want to see is that Tutuapp websites in English language. I faced this problem of not being able to understand the Chinese language when I headed over to their official website. I have found a really cool trick to access the Tutuapp english version. You just need to make sure you visit in the Chrome browser and when it opens up, click on ‘Translate’ as you can see in the below image. You are done, you are now using the Tutuapp in English.

tutuapp english version

Tutuapp ‘App Not Installed’ Problem [FIXED] | Cannot Install Tutuapp

Many times the users face this problem of Tutuapp ‘App not installed’ which is usually due to some common phone problems. We recommend you to follow the below steps in order to fix the Tutuapp App Not Installed problem:

  • Reboot your phone
  • Remove and reinsert your battery
  • Uninstall previous versions of the app
  • Reset the app permissions by going to Settings>>Apps>>All>>Menu key>>Reset application permissions or Reset app preferences
  • Make sure your phone isn’t connected to the PC (SD card should not be mounted)
  • Last option to solve Tutuapp App Not Installed problem is to do a full wipe in recovery mode and try installing the app again

Tutuapp Prevent Soft Ban [FIXED] | Tutuapp Pokemon Go Hack

Tutuapp Pokemon Go is one of the easiest operations to be done. Yes, now you can just open the Tutuapp and search for Pokemon Go and download it from there. The best part is that you can even play Pokemon Go without moving and just fake your location and hack Pokemon Go. Yes, you would be actually sitting at your home but by entering different coordinates, you can roam around the world and play Pokemon Go using Tutuapp. This is called the Tutuapp Pokemon Go hack!

Now, there are chances that you might face a soft ban while using the Tutuapp Pokemon Go trick and you might not be able to play the game for a few hours. Though using the main account for this Tutuapp pokemon go hack is the best way to power up your profile so you just need to make sure that when you first use this trick in Pokemon Go tutuapp, enter the co-ordinates of the place where you were last in the official Pokemon Go application and you will be able to prevent soft ban easily.

If you want to find Pokemon Nearby your area check this: Pokevision Alternatives to Find Nearby Pokemons 

Tutuapp Google Authentication Problem in Pokemon Go [FIX]

Some people complained about not being able to use Google account to login Tutuapp Pokemon Go after the update. Well, we have found a simple trick using which you can solve the Tutuapp Google login not working problem easily. To solve the Tutuapp Google Authentication problem fix, you just need to use a Google account with the birthdate year over 2003. This is the simple Tutuapp Google login problem fix which I found on my encounter with the Tutuapp update and hope that it will help you guys as well.

Tutuapp Not Opening ‘Untrusted Devloper’ iOS | Tutuapp Not Working

A lot of people have reported that after downloading Tutuapp for iOS, they face this problem of “Tutuapp Not Opening” and due to untrusted developer third party app. Well, we have figured a very simple solution to this problem and you just need to follow some simple steps in order to be able to run Tutuapp on iOS devices. You need to:

  • In your Apple device, Go to Settings>>General>>User & Profile Management
  • Select ‘MATT AJAX LTD’

why is tutuapp not opening

  • Click on ‘Trust’
  • Open the app from your homescreen and it will open up for sure and solve the Tutu app not working problem!

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Tutuapp Only IP Address is Visible [Working Fix]

Those people who are facing this problem, you would be happy to know that I have found working solution for this issues. First of all you need to open the Tutu app. You will be able to see a grey button below the IP address. While you tap on it, there will be a message displayed in Chinese about Pokemon Go and below that message, there will be two buttons. Click on the green button and it will again ask you to download Tutu app apk. Once downloaded and installed, open Tutuapp and you will be asked to download Pokemon Go on Tutuapp directly.

So this was everything you needed to know about the this Chinese app. I tried covering all the problems and how to use it to play Pokemon Go as well. We will keep updating this post as we find more problem solutions and also share the videos on how to install Tutuapp for Android and how to play Tutuapp Pokemon Go without moving.

PokeStops, Gyms Not Appearing in Tutuapp Fix

If you are facing this problem, just try changing your clothes or changing the nicknames of your Pokemons. This might be helpful in solving this problem and everything will be back to normal in the game now.

Share our post if you think we provided some value, cheers guys! 🙂

[UPDATE] : Tutuapp VIP Pokemon Go Hack

There is a new version of Tutuapp VIP which allows you to download Tutuapp english version for a one-time fee of $6.99. All you need to do is go to on your iOS or Android device and you will be able to download the English version of Tutuapp vip free and use it forever.

  • Go to
  • Click on the huge button and download it
  • Ignore that and focus on the “Pokemon Go” above it
  • There will be a yello trainagle on the screen, click on Pokemon Go besides it
  • On the new redirected page,
  • You’ll see a small button with some text and you will find “Go” written

Stay tuned for more updates, cheers!


  1. So today is August 2 at 6am. At around 5pm my Pokemon go app that I use From tutu app is not working and when I tried to reinstalled as I always did it always said “is not able to install at this time “. So have the developers have fixed the issue yet ? Because this article got real ease after I had my issue.

    • I have the same problem
      A few of my friends have also that problem the only one that not have this problem is my girlfriend ?

      • The reason all your guy friends have a problem and your girlfriend does not is because boys are dumber than dirt, while girls are intelligent. That is why we males keep women down. Girls are way too smart and men are idiots that have to bring them down.

    • Garrett Stewart says

      Ok glad to hear other people are having this problem. Same thing is happening to me!

    • >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FIX<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

      Orange Jacke – S chwarz Orangene hose – schwarze cap – schwarzer rucksack – orange schwarze schuhe

      pokemon go (original) löschen

      tutu app pokemon go 1.1.1 downloaden

      diesmal spawnt ihr jedoch in eurer echten location

      • hatte alle probleme die hier aufgeführt wurden und hab es gefixt

        • Sorry i thought it was a german forum so xD

          orange hoodie – black backpack – black cap – orange/black shoes and pants

          now delete the original pokemon go and download tutu app pokemon go app 1.1.1

          this time you spawn at your real location


          also i had all problems that were mentioned here i fixed it

      • Hi Dave
        Bei mir werden die Stops und Arenen sowie pokemons nicht angezeigt. Hast eine Idee?

        Hi Dave
        I’ve a little problem. After done your steps the app starts but there no pokestops or fighthouses on the map. Also no Pokemon is near you. Do you (or another guy) know what to do?

        • Same problem here anyone know how to fix this issue? I tried reinstalling I trusted developer and when app opens it shown everything except gyms pokestops and pokemons

  2. Release*

  3. Same problem here, same time of Day. Still Can’t download any of the apps nor update.

  4. I have the same problem Pokemon go app won’t install from tutu app

  5. Whenever I open the Pokemon Go App from the Tutu App it starts me in the middle of the ocean with no view of my avatar. No matter what corrdinates I place before log in or during. Is there a way to fix this.

    Side note: I’ve tried downloading each of Pokemon Go App options. Also I am IOS.

  6. Am using iPhone 6s
    Pokemon go from tutuapp opens but it’s not detecting gps navigation arrows are missing I can’t run walk or drive

  7. Won’t work on iPhone 5c, says cannot be downloaded at this time. Must be the new update.

  8. btw, I’m on iOS 9.3.3 (iphone 6) earlier today the app worked just fine. Then suddenly the developer showed up as if I hadn’t trusted it. Couldn’t choose to trust the develpoer again, and couldn’t update through tutuapp. So tried a clean install, but I can’t download anything now.

  9. It’s not working now , it keeps saying trust developer which I did do 4 days ago an all working but now I wouldn’t I turned phone on an off an uninstall apps (both) and tryed too reinstalled them both but the Pokemon go app wouldn’t install at all

  10. Same problem here, now when trying to reinstall pokemon go it tells pokemon go can’t be installed anymore.
    iphone 6, tried on ios 9.3.3 and 9.3.2

  11. Well, let’s all hope that someone will be able to shine a light on this soon. It must have something to do with the latest pokemon go update. Fingers crossed that they’ll make a working hack for that version again sooner than later 🙂

  12. Same issue here stopped working yesterday I’ve tried everything I can think of to fix the issue. No other site has even mentioned the issue at all.

    • Yeah, that really does seem rather strange. Been the same on my behalf. You’d think that there’d be multiple threads when it comes to as popular a hack as this one ?

  13. Somethings not right about this ….

  14. Yea, it was working fine this morning for me, and not an hour later it revoked the “trust” of the app I guess, so I decided to try to redownload it and it constantly says “unable to download app, V1.0.3 could not be installed at this time.”

    I even reset to factory defaults and tried to do it all over again, same damn message. My friend has the exact same phone and his has no problems as of yet…

  15. It may have something to do with Pokemon go updated that was released on Friday. But having the same problems over on my end as well.

  16. Hey Guys, please check out new article about this here: Why is Tutu App Not Working? When Will it Start?

  17. I’m from Mexico City, and I have the same problem on the PokemonGo++ app of Zestia. I have an iPhone 6s and it says it’s from an unauthorized developer, even when I pinch the “trust” button.

    I’ve also tried the PokemonGo app from Tutuapp and it’t the same problem. The only app that works is the one on HiPstore, but it’s not hacked, so it doesn’t have the joystick buttons, or the teleport option, just like the official one.

    Anyone has a solution for these problem?

    • Hey there, we are posting a Poke Go ++ trick soon with video tutorial by tomorrow, so hang tight. We will update you here!

      • Miguel flores says

        I try to logg on to my account and it says I have to update pokemon go. Then it takes me to my android play store and it downloads the normal version on the play store .

  18. I think the developers of pokemon go patched this hack

    • I would be piss… Because certain ppl in the world need this Tutuapp…. Niantic made $19.Bill in 1 week after launch… Everyday that goes by, they make $1.MiLL so I wouldn’t be surprise if they paid Tutuapp lots of $$$$$ to stop running Pokemon Go. ;(

      • Exactly what I was thinking In the first place. Pokevision down, and now GO on tutu. Seems a bit too familiar…

        • Niantic is smart but they are a greedy company if I remember correctly. They won’t spend money to shut down replicates of their game, if anything they will ban anyone who the so much as suspect of cheating

  19. yakobus22 says

    the Pokemon Go now can be download and install from Tutuapp.
    Just try it and its work.

  20. Good news guys!!!
    Version 1.0.3 was faulty, and has been removed. You Can however download the 1.0.1 version now, and it’s working flawlessly! Happy hunting guys! ?

  21. Now it’s working with joypad and all again ?

  22. Same problem i am facing. Help me out please..

  23. I installed v1.1.0 and the joypad is missing what to do guys?

  24. It’s on but I’ve not got the arorrows to move …

  25. Hello,i had to delete the hacked version of Pokemon go and now when i press the install button nothing happends? PLEASE HELP 🙁

  26. When I restart the hacked Pokémon go the cheats dissapear do I have to reinstall the sop and hope it doesn’t crash

  27. Same issues as above.. Not trusted app despite a week of using after initial trust through iphone settings.. Since rempoved tutuapp and tried to re install to be sent to a page asking for 19 yen? Looks as though they have blocked access in order to make some money from the app. Anyone else have similar solution? As of yet not willing to purchase over untrusted app… Wady..

  28. Quick update… Turns out i was downloading vip link for tutuapp.

    Go into settings…device management.. And delete both trusted sources and apps.

    Go back to ensure you NOT on the default vip link.. Download as previous and trust (note different developers now) open tutuapp and download pokemon go and then trust again and launch. Notice new search feature near to teleport/walk buttons.

    So far so good. Both appear to now be on new developers hence the trust no longer working on previous downloads.


    • The new version is running but i cant collect from the stops and when i am trying to catch a pokemon they always run away

      • Happens to me as well!!!

        • To the above two replies** both pokemom running after the first throw and pokestops not giving out items is whats known as a ‘soft ban’ for teleporting from one place to another. Using the keypad alone wont set this off and usualy within 1-3 hours the ban is removed. U can still travel around and hatch eggs with the ban. It might be worth teleporting before bed to your chosen location to allow time for the ban

    • There’s no walking arrow, how do you move about? Also mine says gps signal lost and won’t go?

    • i paid the 9.99 Vip tutu app now i cant even search the pokemon go joystick option or find it .. ios user with the iphone 6 9.3.4
      after actually spending money .. kinda makes me mad when in one the links talks in finding the pokemon go app

  29. Callum Douglas says

    When anyone’s app loads up is the Google account login option missing?

  30. Not sure if this has happened to anyone else but I live in Australia and have used this app but as soon as I go on I get transported all the way to San Fransisco. I don’t want this to happen as this will definitely cause me to be banned.. I already got a soft ban 🙁 any idea what I could do to stop this happening

  31. Plz help me, i have no joystick…

  32. Hey guys, here’s the new article for using Tutuapp Pokemon Go. We have also included a video guide for the same. Follow this link: Tutuapp Pokemon Go iOS 9.3.3 Hack

  33. The Pokemon go on the tutu app is telling me. ” A new version of Pokemon GO is available. Would you like to update now? Update to continue.”. When I tap update it sends me to the Google play store to install Pokemon GO. I try signing back on the tutu app version but I get the same message and it won’t let me play until it’s updated. Please help ?

  34. I have a samsung galaxy s6 and have the pokemon go app through tutuapp but it wont let me okay the game. It keeps coming up the pokemon go app needs updated but when i click on yes to update it takes me to the playstore. Ive tried unistalling both tutapp and pokemon go and reinstalling it but it still says i need to update. So how do i update?

  35. Solutions for android?

  36. I cant play anymore with the tutu app version because it says i need to update the pokemon go app and the only reason im using this is because i cant play anymore on my old account because my google account is disabled and i dont know how to activate it again

  37. I still cant Download pokemon go over tutuapp. Mayer i dont find The new version you speak about? Can anybody send a Link? I just found this hack yesterday and now it mit working anymore 🙁 i chose all pokemon go Versions but all says “cant install”…

  38. Anyone know how to avoid getting soft banned using the tutu app, no option for location services with the app and got banned earlier trying to use it. Laid up with leg injury and can’t walk but still trying to stay on my Pokemon go grind.

  39. Christian says

    Hi , any help would be appreciated.
    I was running the Pokemon go hack on my Samsung S4 mini. Everything was working fine yesterday but today I logged in and it says I need to update to co tinue using the app. I am almost out of pokeballs and do not have any data that would allow me to go our of my house to get any. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  40. It’s says I have to update it and I can’t play unless I update it. I’m using a galaxy s6, can someone help me

  41. I tried changing my birthday to older than 2003, but i still cant login with my google account. Please help me.

    • Usually if your using the tutu version of pokemon you can’t log in with Google at least for android, I had to make a new account cause I couldnt sign in. It tookeeps way too long

  42. there is no option to login with my google account !!!

  43. I use an android phone and when I open the app a message on the screen appears saying me to update the app how do I update it

  44. Got the bew update for both tutuapp and pokemon but now telling me i have no gps signal. How do i fix this?

  45. When i start playing it crash :c
    SOrry my bad english but i realy need help

  46. u said that have to over 2003 for google account login, but to change google account over 2003 is imposible, 2004 birthdate cant create google account.

  47. I have android. I play on tutu app of pokemon go and now im staying on blue water/ocean. I was change my clothes for black hat/ black orange shoes and trousers/orange hood and nothing happend. Ofc I do this in original app then uninstal this and instal from tutu. It not work. HELP PLEASE

  48. can some1 help me out i did the exact same thing as on my friends phone but on the samsung galaxy s6 i got no dpad rest is working fine,,

  49. Every time I go to catch a Pokemon it runs away: anyone know how to fix this?

  50. I got the same issue on my android phone, the Pokemon Go in Tutuapp doesn’t let me in. The game will stuck after choosing an email to login. But in my IOS my the hacked app smoothly runs. Happy to hear your thoughts regarding the issue on android.

  51. I have downloaded tutu app on android (Asus Zenfone 2) besides all the problems I faced installing it. I now have a problem. The JOYSTICK isn’t functioning . Any comments on that ?? I uninstalled it 3x as well as the origional version. The app is saggy and joystick isn’t working HELP!!

  52. My problem is wher the poke stops and the cowards arnt working so I don’t see any pokestops or Pokemon plz help

  53. I always got an error message whenever I click on pokemon.. any ideas why?

  54. Micheal Loper says

    Once i download the tutapp file and it downloads completely i try to open it and it says ” can’t open file ” . i tried turning it off and on several times and it doesnt work 🙁

  55. I really want to use my google account on my galaxy s7. The date thing is not helping. Please can someone help?

  56. The game keeps crashing as soon as I open it. iPhone, IOS9.2

  57. Jammir Ayala says

    Please help, I can’t play because at the top of the screen it says if I want the newer version. And in the middle of the screen it says, “Update to continue…”

    • same here, i got the screen said “Update to continue..”. I tried to uninstall Pokemon Go from tutuapp and install Pokemon Go from Google Play for the newest version, then reinstall Pokemon Go Hack from tutuapp, but it’s not working!!! fell so hopeless rite now……

    • Same

  58. Hey everyone we have the latest Tutuapp APK v1.2.05, please follow the below new article for the Latest Pokemon Go update in Tutuapp, thanks!

    Latest Tutuapp Update APK Download

  59. i cannot play today. i tried to reinstall tutuapp but it doenst work…

  60. Has everyone’s tutu app and Pokemon go app completely stopped working ?

  61. I can dowload the Tutu App and the Pokemon Go from the App Store BUT everytime I try to install the Pokemon Go Game it says “Cannot be installed” or something like this.
    Does anyone know how to solve the problem?

  62. Still no solution ?

  63. Tutuapp it was donloaded on my android smartphone, after install i didn’t see pokemon go apk, please help

  64. Pokemon go is not on tutuapp no more ?

  65. Pokemon Go has completely disappeared from tutu app I’m on iphone and prev copy kept freezing & crashing so I deleted it yesterday morning went to re-install from tutu and it’s gone gutted!! 🙁

  66. Hi the tutuapp is asking me for an account id i dont have any and i dont know how to make it eather since everything is on chinese can some one please help?

  67. pokemon go no longer available in tutuapp??

  68. Kevin vangermeersch says

    Pokemon go is Back on tutuapp.
    Inhalen a problem with my Apple id i cant download Pokemon go because with my Apple id i only can download in belgium. What i need to do?

  69. Please PLEASE keep me posted on if and when tutuapp has Pokemon go hack available again! I live in the middle of nowhere so I can’t very well get to any stops or gyms.

  70. Thomas Ward says

    So its august 21. And since last night after I get into game it is having a random problem trying to find my GPS location and im unable to play. I was playing when my phone froze so I restarted it and now it just tells me GPS not found

  71. Igor Chernyega says

    I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. After I install the app and choose which google account I want to sign in with, the game just displays the screen with the grey spinning pokeball meaning “loading” but never loads.

    I tried to set my date of birth to a date after 2003, then but then google said this would mean I am 11 years old and locks my account. very disappointing.

  72. The app opens good but it shows no pokestops, Pokemon, or gyms. Can anyone help? (IOS) I tried re installing and trusting and restarting the phone! Desperate in need of help !

  73. Hey guys, please check out new guide to hack Pokemon Go here using Guopan app:

    Enjoy! 🙂

  74. Della Ressi says

    No pokestop appear?? How to fix it
    Using ipad 2 ios 8.1

  75. When running pokiemon go hack during a gym battle the word go freezes on the screen.
    Anyone else have this problem.
    Using samsung note 3

  76. Today the app refused to open …mad to delete it and try to re-install but when I do it downloads but won’t install just get unable to install try again or cancel … .????

  77. Do I need to delete my pokemon go(non-hack)to download tutuapp’s one?

    • Yes, you need to delete the one you downloaded from the official App Store/Google Play Store. Pokemon Go hacked app can be downloaded from Tutuapp itself.

  78. Ok so i downloaded the pokemon go hack but once it goes on the main screen and i put all my sign in info and it just keeps loading and showing an error can not authenticate any help ?

  79. I wasn’t able to log in because of the unable to authenticate with my Google account. So I changed my birthday to 2003 to one of them and it disabled my account because prod born in 2003 aren’t old enough to have an account. Now I have the option of sending a picture of my ID and waiting until they look at it or paying them.? Your hacks suck.

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