Download Tutu Helper iOS App Without Jailbreak

Download Tutu Helper iOS App: If you are an avid Pokemon Go player and use an iOS device then for sure you might have heard about Tutu app. If you haven’t heard of this app then I would ask you to check Tutu App for iOS right after reading this article. It was an app that was released to download paid apps as well as games for free. It hasn’t been a long time since that app was released, but thanks to the release of Pokemon Go which lead to the success of Tutuapp as it allowed users to download Pokemon Go unofficially in the countries where the game wasn’t even launched. And just recently, a new app called Tutu Helper iOS has surfaced on the internet.

Tutu Helper App is actually an upgrade over the previous Tutuapp iOS. Tutu Helper iOS app now allows the user to browse the applications in English language, earlier it used to be foreign language which made it almost impossible for the users to understand what was written in it. Even the UI of Tutu Helper App for iOS is a lot better than the previous application. It has now become more stable and a lot of bugs have been fixed. Also there are tons of new applications as well as games in the Tutu Helper app store which you can browse and download. The issues related to Pokemon Go were also fixed in the Tutu Helper App. And the best news about this app is that it now supports unlimited coins for various games too!

Is Tutu Helper Compatible with my device?

Tutu Helper is compatible with almost all of iOS devices. The only requirement for Tutu Helper iOS app is that the device should be running at least iOS 9 or above. Earlier it was said that the app was having some problem on iOS 10 but now that error has also been fixed. You can install Tutu Helper on devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod.

download tutu helper ios

It should be noted that right now there are two version of this app available, one is the regular version while the other is the VIP version. Regular version, as the name suggests is the standard version and is free of cost whereas the VIP version is a paid version. In this article we will share how to download Tutu Helper app for free on your iOS device.

If you are an Android user then you will have to wait for sometime before you can get access to the Tutu Helper apk. Right now this app is only available for iOS devices. If you are an Android user and want to experience Tutu real bad, then you can go ahead and download the previous Tutu App APK.

How to Download Tutu Helper iOS App

Right now we are only going to tell you how you can install Tutu Helper app’s regular version on your iOS device running on or above iOS 9 for free. If you are an Android user or aren’t running on iOS 9 then you need to wait for sometime.

To download Tutu Helper for iOS, do the following:

  • First of all, on your iPhone, open Safari browser and go to the below link

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  • Once the website is opened, you will see two options there, the regular and the VIP.. Click on the regular one.

tutu helper ios app

  • Now you will see a download Now button, click on it.

tutu helper for ios

  • A pop up will show on the screen after you click the Download Now button. It will ask you if you would like to install the app or not. Click on Install.

tutuapp new ios helper

  • The app will be installed in few seconds
  • After the app is installed, you can launch it but it won’t work because the Profile for Tutu Helper iOS app still needs to be installed.
  • Go to Settings> Profile and then find the profile for Tutu Helper and trust it.
  • Now again launch the application and it will probably work now!

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You should note that after you download paid apps and games for free from the Tutu Helper app, you shouldn’t uninstall Tutu Helper or else the downloaded apps and games won’t work.

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