Download Necrobot 0.8.5 | Necrobot IP Ban | Necrobot No Pokestops

Download Necrobot 0.8.5: Necrobot is an open-source Pokemon Go bot which has been developed by the people who love the community of Pokemon lovers and you can download Necrobot 0.8.5 which is the latest version with the newest features and Necrobot bug fixes. People have been facing issues like Necrobot down, Necrobot not working, Necrobot IP ban, Necrobot no pokestops and lots of other problems. In this post, I will try to solve each of the Necrobot problems and even show you how to download Necrobot 0.8.5 for PC.

Necrobot 0.8.4 version was the older one which had some bugs and now the Necrobot 0.8.5 is the latest Pokemon Go bot which is based on Artificial Intelligence and will allow you to catch Pokemons, farm Pokestops and has many more features which we will discuss below. The Necrobot 0.8.5 is one of the most powerful and efficient Pokemon Go bots which is still working apart from Niantic banning a lot of online sites like Pokevision, PokeRadar and other ones.

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Features of Necrobot 0.8.5: Pokemon Go Hack

download necrobot 0.8.5

There are a lot of features of the Necrobot and I would like to discuss some of the most powerful and interesting ones with you all. Pokemon Go is actually a bliss while using Necrobot since it allows you to play Pokemon Go without moving right from your home by just sitting and doing a few clicks on your computer. So let’s check out the features of Necrobot now,

  • Automatic Pokemon Catching: Excellent throws and efficient use of Raspberries and Pokeballs on wild and lured Pokemon as well
  • Farming PokeStops: Shortest path logic is used to determine the quickest route to all Pokestops while the Pokemons are automatically caught on the way
  • Human-like Walking: Necrobot emulates a human-like walking experience at any speed you want so that you can prevent soft bans as well
  • Also allows evolving and transferring Pokemons and using Lucky eggs, lures and has a lot more customisable settings in it

How to Download Necrobot 0.8.5 for PC

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‘ ism_overlock=’blur’ disable_mobile=1 ] The Necrobot developers have included a very good wiki guide on how to download and install Necrobot Pokemon Go for all the users on their computer easily. So what you need to do is just follow the below steps in order to download Necrobot 0.8.5 and you will be able to use it in minutes on your computer easily.

  • First thing you need to do it to Download Necrobot Pokemon Go from the link given below,

Download Now

  • Now I would direct you to the Necrobot Wiki guide for installation of this bot
  • Just follow the Necrobot Installation Guide step by step and you will be able to use Necrobot in minutes after you are done!

Necrobot IP Ban Fix | Necrobot Soft Ban Fix

A lot of users face the Necro bot IP ban problem and I found a solution to this. Basically Niantic bans those people who use more then 1 Pokemon Go clients using Necrobot 0.8.5, so what you actually need to do is to use a VPN while doing the same. isn’t working anymore according to some users.

I recommend you to use the Hotspot Shield VPN and use the Necrobot with more than 1 client. This will help you fix the Necrobot soft ban and allow you to play Pokemon Go Necrobot without any difficulties.

Necrobot No Pokestops | Necrobot No Usable Pokestops

Another big problem people are facing is the Necrobot no usable Pokestops which means that people aren’t able to find any Pokestops nearby their area or if they can, they cannot farm them. So the solution to this problem has two parts,

  • First one is to redownload the bot and reset all settings to Default (location etc), this worked for quite a few people
  • Next step is to try restarting your router and trying again to use the Necrobot

Let me know which solution worked for you!

Necrobot Transferring Pokemons Automatically

Many users also reported that the duplicate Pokemons aren’t visible in their Pokedex and Pokemons are traferring automattically in Necrobot. It is really simple to solve this problem, just copy the contents from the URL given below and paste it in the config file of Necrobot and you will be good to go.

Check Here


So this was my small guide on Necrobot Pokemon Go download and some Necrobot problem fixes which are quite common. Share the article if you liked it and if you face any other problems, please comment below so that I can try to give you a good solution to the problem. Enjoy!

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