Download Happy Chick Emulator for iOS Without Jailbreak | Download Happy Chick APK for Android

Happy Chick Emulator review: Welcome back guys, today we will show you how to install happy chick emulator for iOS without jailbreak and also share the happy chick apk for you Android & iOS app fanatics. We will be sharing a method which allows you to download happy chick without jailbreak but there is no way you can download happy chick without wechat application. The happy chick emulator has an encyclopaedic collection of video games over many platforms and support ARCADE, DC, FC/ES, GBA, GBC, MAME, MD, N64, NDS, PS, PSP, SFC/SNES, WSC formats. So let’s get started and know why the heck is Happy Chick emulator so amazing!

Happy Chick Download is what people have been looking for and I personally decided to do a full happy chick emulator review by providing all it’s amazing features and finally helping you all to download happy chick apk as well as for iOS. Plus there is a a good news that the happy chick english apk is out as well so there will be no more language problems while using the Happy Chick emulator. In this post, we will be covering everything from happy chick download, happy chick ios without jailbreak and many problems like happy chick not working, happy chick not installing and many other as such. So it’s gonna be one hell of a review guys.

Features of Happy Chick Emulator

  • Supports thousands of games including Super Mario, Pokemon Go and many more
  • High speed one-click downloads and easy to use roms
  • Supports LAB battles over Wifi/3G/Buetooth networks when you are at office, at school or in a train
  • Supprots PSP online gaming and record ranking as well
  • Full backups of games saved in a cloud server so that you can easily import/export your progress to multiple devices

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How to Download Happy Chick iOS Without Jailbreak

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Now that we know what actually this emulator does, we come down to the process of downloading happy chick without jailbreak on your iOS devices. Let me tell you before hand that now there are a number of steps, so get serious with just your iOS device in your hand so that you can download Happy Chick for iOS 9/9.1/9.2/9.3 without jailbreak in a very easy manner.

Prerequisites : 

  • We Chat application (Download it form the App Store if you do not have it installed on your iOS device)
  • Working Internet Connection
  • A non jailbroken iOS device

Steps to Download Happy Chick Non Jailbroken on your iOS devices:

  • First step would be downloading, installing and verifying your phone number on the We Chat application
  • Open the We Chat application and click on ‘+‘ icon you see on the top right corner and select ‘Add Contacts

happy chick emulator without jailbreak ios

  • Now you need to type in ‘xiaojigame‘ in the box and search for it

happy chick ios no jailbreak

  • If it says users not found, click on search Xiaojigame Moments, Official accounts and click on the account

happy chick xiaojigame account

  • The profile will open up and you need to click on the ‘Follow‘ button

happy chick emulator follow account

  • Now you will see 3 options, you will have to click on the middle or second option saying ‘iOS

how to download happy chick emulator ios

  • After clicking that, you will receive a short message back from Xiaojigame and you will want to click on the blue link as shown below

happy chick app

  • There will be a black screen when you will click on the link, tap on the dots on the top right corner and select ‘Open with Safari

happy chick safari browser link

  • Click on the link saying ‘Step 1. Download for iOS‘ as shown below and then click on ‘Install

happy chick ios download no jailbreak

  • Copy the ‘Activation Code‘ called the happy chick activation code form the image written after the Step 3 (see the first picture from the above 2 closely)
  • After the app is installed, go to Settings>>General>>Device Management>>Shenzhen Misi Interactive Entertainment>> Trust
  • Launch the Happy Chick Emulator and paste the copied Activation code in the space provided
  • You’re done!! Just search for your favorite games or browse through thousands of games in this amazing emulator to play them right away without any issues.

How to Download Happy Chick With Jailbreak iOS

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In the above section, we taught you guys how to happy chick download ios no jailbreak but what if you are using a jailbroken device? Well, that’s the most easiest way to go, because you just need to go to their official website to download happy chick ios jailbreak version or you can even use the happy chick QR code from the link below.

Click Here

Alternate method: If you are using Cydia, open it, go to ‘Sources‘, then tap on ‘dtathemes-repo‘, select ‘All Packages‘ and click on ‘Happy Chick‘ to download it successfully as well.


How to Download Happy Chick APK Emulator for Android

Let us have a look at this simple method which you can follow in order to download happy chick apk for Android which involves 3 simple steps. Yes, it’s that easy to download happy chick android apk and start using the happy chick english apk on your Android smartphones right away!

  • Click the below link and download the APK file

Download APK Android

  • Go to the Settings>>Security>>Unknown Sources and tick mark it
  • Locate the APK, install it and you are done!

This will now allow you to browse the amazing games and apps which you can easily download from happy chick emulator and easily access and play in your Android smartphones.

[Happy Chick Problem Fixes]

Happy Chick Not Working 2016

Are you facing this problem? The solution to happy chick not working is pretty simple. The most of the users got a message form the We Chat developer which when translated meant that the certificate has expired. The happy chick get update info error meant that you needed to reinstall the app, clear the cache but make sure you do not delete the older version of Happy Chick app. Just go to your Settings>>Set Language to Chinese and you will be able to transfer back all your games, emulators and progresss from the old do it and you are done. This is the most simplest solution for the happy chick load error so we hope you found it useful.

Happy Chick Activation Code Not Working

If you are one of those who are facing activation code not working problem, we will recommend you once to reset the factory setting of your device or try installing the Happy Chick app on another device. You can even mail to the happy chick team here : [email protected] and ask them for any help if you wish.

Happy Chick Crash Fix

It might happen that sometimes you will face the happy chick keeps crashing problem in your device. The problem here might be the happy chick certificate revoked and hence you are facing the happy chick not installing problem. The solution to this problem or the happy chick crash fix is to reinstall the happy chick app and not deleting the old one if you have data in that one.

To restore your old happy chick data, plug your device in to your computer and open a file manager like iFunBox. Then, go to the apps sandbox. After that, copy the ‘Documents’ folder to your PC, then reinstall Happy Chick app. Open the sandbox of the new happy chick app on iFunBox, and replace the Documents folder with the one copied to your PC. Hope this works well for you guys as well.

Happy Chick Not Enough Storage Fix

Basically the Happy Chick app uses your internal storage so it is advised to follow the below steps right when you install happy chick onto your device. Because if you find out that you are having the happy chick not enough storage problem later when you have downloaded a lot of apps and games, this fix might make you lose all your progress. So I recommend you to do this when you download Happy Chick app.

  • Put your microSD into your JXD and go to the Game Center, your JXD must be connected to the PC right now
  • Go to the the Game Center’s Settings and change the data location to the root of the SD. This will help create a Xiaoji folder on the SD card
  • Open your internal storage on the computer and delete the Xiaoji folder. (Note: On the internal storage, not on the SD card)
  • If you try to launch a game you had downloaded before, it will say “Could not find file“, so you have to go one by one and uninstall the ones that you have already downloaded and re-download them. Though this sounds boring, it will finally do the trick.

So this was my detailed happy chick emulator review and all probably all you needed to know about the Happy Chick app. I hope you found this tutorial and guide really helpful as it took me quite a while to put all this together. Share this article if you like it and keep visiting Apps Prison for more such updates on the latest Android & iOS apps. Comment below if you have any kind of queries, I will get back to you asap!

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