Download GymHuntr APK for Pokemon Go

Download GymHuntr APK: Pokemon GO. The game that has taken the gaming world by storm last year. If you haven’t heard of it given that you’re in your youth, I wonder what you’re doing with your life. The most popular game across the world since it’s launch in last July, Pokemon GO is constantly updated, developed and modified. There are many interesting add-ons, plug-ins, advanced versions, hacking tools that are being developed day after another to give the gamers a better experience. One such innovation is the latest GymHuntr platform.

GymHuntr is a platform developed for Pokemon GO players which allow you to scan all the Pokemon GO gyms and helps in keeping track of them within a certain radius from your location. Developed by the PokeMesh Developers, this service has been introduced as a website as a start. The servers of GymHuntr allows you to scan your area based on your location or request and will let you know about the gyms that are located nearby just in 60-90 seconds. Through this service, you can not only know about the location of the gyms but the level of the gyms along with the defender names.

However, if you’re in Asia; the bad news is that some Asia countries are not added to the list of countries that can be accessed by the servers and therefore you might come across a message saying, “Map Data is not available.”

What is GymHuntr APK?

GymHuntr APK is the Android version for the web-based tool that has been introduced before. Just as the website, it allows you to scan and keep track of all the available Pokemon GO gyms around you without charging you a penny. All you need to do is enter your location along with country, state, city, and street in the search bar and wait for 90 minutes to get the Pokemon GO gyms.

gymhuntr apk download

However, in some situations; the GymHuntr servers might take some time more than requested, and in such cases, you have to wait for a while with patience to get hold of the gyms.

The UI of GymHuntr is user-friendly and simple to use that you don’t get confused while navigating from one page to another page. In case if your map data is not showing, keep checking every now and then as the developers are working on adding more countries to the list.

Features of GymHuntr Pokemon GO:

gymhuntr app

  1. Because of the GymHuntr, the competition at gyms is becoming more healthy and better.
  2. More Asian countries are being added to the servers, and now you can use GymHuntr in some of the Asian countries. Try yourself.
  3. Gym Labels are automatically updated given the exact Pokemon info each time you perform a scan.
  4. You can use one or more accounts to get an accurate scan if you’re confused.
  5. For each scan, you can get the list of gyms with coordinates of the map so that you can share them as a link.
  6. Gyms stay transparent until you perform a legitimate scan and once you did, you can get the entire gym history with move sets, Pokemon etc.

How to download GymHuntr APK?

      • GymHuntr is not yet readily available to be downloaded. The APK version has been announced and is still in progress.
      • Therefore, you can use the web version to scan the location and find gyms.
    • To do that, go to the official website of GymHuntr by entering the URL “” in your mobile browser
    • Given an active internet connection, GymHuntr works with a consistent internet connection.

GymHuntr Connection Error:

Battling at the gyms is an exciting thing to look forward in Pokemon Go games. Therefore, it is important to know the information about the gyms to proceed in the game. Sometimes, the GymHuntr website tends to mix up the information and show wrong data about the particular gym especially with errors like “Last scanned” which is done some time ago or sometime way back today. When you search again, fresh results are not shown irrespective of the number of times you try. In such cases, people tend to refresh the page only to find that there is no such button which can prevent the issue. Therefore, GymHuntr team is still working on making the refresh option available and if you see any errors meanwhile, just try searching for a while so that the server load decreases by then.


That being said, GymHuntr is one such app that can elevate the Pokemon GO gaming experience and can help you in quick acceleration of the game by crossing levels and gaining XP points in the gym battles. More features are being added to GymHuntr and it is updated regularly to fix errors and to make it bug-free. Therefore, open the site and use it until you get the GymHuntr App version.

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