Download Fire Emblem Heroes APK for Android

Nintendo has come up with its second prominent smart phone game under the title, Fire Emblem Heroes which is available throughout the world. If you are not able to find it on your Google Play Stores, the chances are that your country is not still in not in the limelight and you just have to wait few days to install the game. That being said, if you are eager to play the game right away, you can do it by downloading the file from here and install it on your smart phone by risking your smart phone a bit potentially to malware.

Nintendo has released the game for other consoles a while back, and it has now customized the battles for the touch devices to make sure that the game play is on-a-go. The game summons several characters from the universe of Fire Emblem with upgraded skills and new fighting techniques. The Fire Emblem Heroes APK is free to download and play however, there are few in-app purchases that can help you elevate the game.

Features of Fire Emblem Heroes APK:

  •  Kingdom: With two kingdoms fighting against each other; the game is nothing but a quest to gain power over the entire universe. While the Emblian Empire wants to hold power; the Askran Kingdom stands against it in the way. As a summoner, you can summon legendary heroes from the Fire Emblem Heroes universe in order to either save the Askran kingdom from further destruction to join your heroes or be a part of Emblian Empire and destroy it completely.
  • Battles: The battles are streamlined with strategic planning along with guiding maps which are of a size just the palm of your hand. You’ll have to think and analyze about the pros and cons of each weapon held by each hero before going for the battle and lead the army with drag controls and the ability to control the attacks by swiping.
  • Legendary Heroes: The Fire Emblem Heroes APK has many legendary hero characters from other games; Fates and Awakening where most of them area created by the famous artist, Yusuke Kozaki. The legends can either join your army as allies or the enemy army to fierce fight you. 
  • Modes: Apart from the main story, there are multiple modes where you can compete against players, strengthen the allies and get updates on the addition of features, weapons, character abilities and other content keeping you engrossed in the game even for an entire day without any interference.
  • Training Tower: One can engage themselves in the training tower with repetitive battles where you can play again and again for experience and rewards for allies. Each time you go o the map, the terrains change offering you new challenges with minimum modifications.
  • Arena Duels: You can fight against your enemies from the world based on your score and ranking. As a result, you will get rewards and items that can increase your fighting abilities.
  • Finding Heroes: There are also certain maps which let you discover the battle scenarios at least for a limited time where you can defeat the heroes and ask them to join as an ally on your side and fight against the enemies.

What do you need to play Fire Emblem Heroes APK?

fire emblem heroes apk

  1. Firstly, one has to have a proper internet connectivity to play the game with applied data charges or a consistent WiFi connection.
  2. You need to be above 13, to play the game with the Nintendo Account.
  3. Third party apps can collect data for marketing and analytical purposes but only by following the privacy policy.
  4. Based on the specifications of the device, the normal operation of the game might change a bit from device to device.

How to download Fire Emblem Heroes APK on Android?

Fire Emblem Heroes APK download is an easy procedure, and it doesn’t involve any complications other than allowing the app to download from third party sources.

    • Initially, go to the Settings>Security. From there, allow the device to install the apps from ‘Unknown Sources’ by clicking on it. This allows you to download the app from here.

Download APK

  • Now, download the Fire Emblem Heroes Android APK and access the notification bar
  • Find the .APK file and tap ‘Install’ to start the installation process.
  • Wait till it’s done and launch it in order to play the game.

Your Android device should have an OS equal and greater than Android 4.2 to support the game with 2GB RAM. Nintendo hasn’t yet mentioned what kind of storage is required for the game, but the file size is around 37MB. You can either buy the Orbs through in-app purchases or find other ways like Fire Emblem Heroes Orbs to level up the game at a faster pace. Being said that, download the game and get the Midas touch of it asap.

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