Download Fifa 17 Companion App APK for Android, iOS

Download Fifa 17 Companion App APK: It’s that time of the year when all the football fans are ready to roll with the all new Ea Sports FIFA 17 companion app. Fifa 17 web app is one of the best applications for all the football fanatics around the world. Fifa Companion app apk will help all the players to remain connected to the world of Fifa 17 game. There is also a Fifa 17 Companion iOS app so this new application is available for both Android and iOS users. We decided to write about the Fifa 17 companion app so that you all can know the features, benefits and also learn how to download Fifa 17 companion app for Android and iOS devices for free now.

What is Fifa 17 Companion App?

Fifa 17 companion app by EA Sports is one of the best additions to the game since it gives the game players extra flexibility to manager their FUT 17 club or the Ultimate Fifa 17 team.

download fifa 17 companion app apk

Note: The Fifa companion app requires you to have an EA Account, FIFA 17 (available on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation®3, and Xbox 360™), and a FIFA Ultimate Team™ Club. 

What you can do using the Fifa 17 companion App is as amazing as you are expecting it to be. You can actually stay connected to the Fifa 17 game and can do full management of your FUT 17 club even if you are away from your consoles or PC. Using FIFA Ultimate Team 17 app, you can actually prepare your team for the next match, do the last minute transfer and even find new players using the coins.

  • Squad Building Challenges: Allows you to exchange players, access all challenges, plan your squad and claim your rewards
  • Club Management: Manage all the formations, players, managers and consumables for the next match
  • Transfers: Transfer Market allows you to do important transfer of players, consumables and stay on the top
  • Store: Allows you to build your club by purchasing new packs for coins and skyrocket your players stats

How to Download Fifa 17 Companion App APK and iOS

The Fifa 17 companion app will always help you stay on the top of all the EA and Fifa 17 game updates. All the players can stay connected by using the Fifa 17 companion app and everyone will be notified about any changes in the FUT accounts. In order to download FIFA 17 companion apk, all you need to do is click on the link given below from your Android device and the fifa companion app apk will be downloaded to your smartphones or tablets in minutes, since it is free to grab. Download the fifa companion web app apk below.

Download Fifa 17 Companion App APK

Download Fifa 17 Companion app iOS

How to Use Fifa 17 Companion App

fifa 17 companion app ios

Once you have downloaded the app to your Android or iOS device, you need to connect the Fifa 17 game to your Fifa 17 companion app by following the below steps. So follow them now!

  1. Login to FIFA 17 on your console or PC
  2. Go to FIFA Ultimate Team mode and create your FUT Club
  3. Create a FUT Security Question and Answer on your console or PC
  4. Log in to your EA Account from the FIFA 17 Companion App on your compatible mobile device

The Fifa 17 web app not invited problem has been faced by many. We have news that the Fifa 17 web app will be launched at 6PM U.K time today and EA Sports said on Twitter that,

“Appreciate you’re all eager to get on the web app so thanks for your patience. Work continues & the next report will be by 10am PT.”

We hope you all will enjoy playing Fifa 17 in a better way using this Fifa 17 companion app, let us know if you have any doubts in the comments section. Thanks for reading, share the article if you loved it!


  1. Is it possible to play it with ur mobile phone without having it on ur pc or console.

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