How to Disable/Enable/Replace Press Home to Unlock in iOS 10

The iOS 10 has started the ball rolling for a new unlocking way of the Touch ID- devices which now require pressing the home button to unlock and access the home screen. When amalgamated with the new Raise option, the unlocking can become a nice experience indeed, but like every new thing, it can be a little annoying until you get habituated.  The newly redesigned screen has been sought after among the crowd where you just have to pick the phone to unlock it and thanks to the “Raise to wake” feature which has been embedded in it.

Just like when we found the “Press Home” feature a bit odd in the starting stage, this feature is equally untrained and takes the time to settle in. Meanwhile, there is a way the user can turn it off and get back to the same old method if they don’t like it. FYI, before the iOS 10; one could just lay the fingertips to unlock the device which have been registered with the ID instead of pressing the home also.

How to Unlock your iOS 10 lock screen?

The iOS 10 lock screen can be unlocked by re-pressing the “Home.” To do this,

  1. Press “Home” to turn the lock screen on. 
  2. Press the button again to bring the Passcode interface of to directly enter the Springboard.

How to Disable iOS 10 Press Home To Unlock in iOS 10?

To disable the iOS 10 Lock screen “Press home to Unlock” feature, you can either change the settings or use a third party app to unlock.

disable press home to unlock in ios 10

Bringing the “Slide to Unlock” feature back:

  1. Launch the “Settings” on your iOS device.
  2. Go to Settings>General and select the “Accessibility.”
  3. Scroll to the bottom and press the “Home” button.
  4. Now, turn the slider on beside, “Rest Finger to Open” option.

Once you’ve disabled the feature, you can just start placing the finger on the home button to unlock the lockscreen instead of pressing the home button twice or going to the widgets by mistake. Though it’s not as easy as swiping the lockscreen, it is still relatively easier and within no time, a tweak will be developed as soon as the jailbreak for iOS 10 is launched.

How to Enable iOS 10 Press Home To Unlock On Lock Screen?

To enable the iOS 10 “Press home to Unlock” lock screen feature:

  1. Again, launch the settings from the system tray menu.
  2. Go to the Settings>General>Accessibility menu.
  3. Go down till you find the home button and tap on it.
  4. Turn the slider off beside the “Rest Finger to Open” option.

How to Replace Press Home to Unlock With ‘Slide to Unlock’ in iOS 10?

As mentioned above, one can replace this new feature with the “Slide to Unlock” feature and thanks to Billy Ellis, a YouTuber who did it even without jailbreaking the iOS 10. However, this method involves a third party app called iBackupBot which modifies your files.

  1. Initially, one has to download the IBackupBot on your computer through the given link and install it.
  2. Now, connect the iOS device to the computer and back it up using iTunes.
  3. After backing up, open “Select Backup” in iBackupBot.
  4. Enter the /System Files/Home Domain/Library/Preferences and start double clicking on
  5. Search for the header info and add
    1. “<key>SBEnableDashBoard
    2. </key><false/>” after it.
  6. Make sure that the text is on two separate lines and then restore the backup data from iTunes.

By doing this, you have replaced the “Press the Home to Unlock” feature with “Slide to Unlock” feature.

ios 10

The other features of iOS 10 include:

  1. Raise to wake
  2. Quick camera launch
  3. Sort photos by faces and places
  4. Hide stock apps
  5. 3D-touch Control Center
  6. Voicemail transcription
  7. Bilingual keyboard
  8. Live links in messages
  9. Use Siri with third-party apps
  10. Lyrics in the app

The iOS 10 is an exclusive version with many note-perfect features, and in no time people will be charmed by the new elements like iMessaging. You can try downloading best apps for each feature (For example iMessage apps) to elevate the iOS 10 experience altogether. Hope you enjoyed reading and learned how to disable press home to unlock in iOS 10. Comment below if you have any questions and share the article, cheers!

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