Can You install Kodi on Roku?

Kodi on Roku: Kodi, initially found as XBMC; XBox Media Center is an open source platform that allows you view images, play audio and video including Movies and TV Channels. It is compatible with many devices given that you need to make sure if the device or the gadget (mostly, a streaming stick) that you’ve connected to the TV is supportive of installing Kodi on it. The users set Kodi Up in order to configure videos from various sources and to stream them on their own screens.

Kodi, along with its renowned addons can access the content over the internet. However, the add-ons are not developed by the official developers; but are added to the community by various contributors across the world.  Reading the associated meta-data of the videos; it gives you information about the videos including description, display box cover, etc. In one word, Kodi is a audio-visual jukebox that hooks you to the television.

The days are bygone when you were so excited and anxious about catching your favourite movie being aired on the TV. In case if you have missed watching it, you don’t have any other option rather than regretting it. This continued till the TV channels started re-broadcasting the videos tying you to the schedule of the TV channels. It was only later; we started experiencing the VHS players that gradually record the videos on a tape from a channel after the time range is set so that we can watch them later, when free.

With technological advancements; came the streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu which host the videos to the subscribers.  However, the bandwidth; the subscription charges became problems which led to the evolution of set-top boxes and streaming devices and Roku is one such device which allows you to stream millions of videos off the Internet to your screen. Roku, a small Streaming Stick brings us close to the entertainment by bringing multitude of videos in front of our eyes. The size of the device is as small as any pen drive and when plugged into your TV port; it allows you to access content from the web right away.

Can you Install Kodi on Roku?

Not practically possible, you can try a relatively complicated method to get Kodi on Roku; if you are desperate. However, it is important to understand the functionality of both the devices before you start the program. The reason why Kodi hasn’t become as popular as it should be is that it involves the addition of add-ons and a tinge of programming to get the best out of it. Kodi works with a wide range of formats and is very much similar to the Plex players.kodi on roku 3


The technical reason for this would,

“Kodi media player can never be supported on Roku because Kodi is a native C/C++ application and Roku does does not support (or rather allow) native C/C++ applications. Roku’s SDK only support script applications that are written in Roku’s own BrightScript language.”

On the other hand, Roku is serviceable, and the reason why people want Kodi to be running on Roku is that unlike Plex; it is free.With a huge number of shady apps being developed for Kodi, it is not very likely to expect Roku App for Kodi anytime soon. Therefore, people are vigorously searching for jailbreaking methods in order to install Roku; but this is also not possible as the architecture of Roku is not similar to Android or Windows.

How to install Kodi on Roku?

That being said, there is only a single method that can let you use kodi Roku together. Even though it’s a little pain in Ahem!, it succeeds in installing it. If you are using Roku, you might have known by now that it supports Miracast, a protocol for screen mirroring. Kodi users are also known for mirroring the screens and therefore from their Android or Windows devices, they can mirror Kodi to the Roku sticks. It might not be exactly like a functional app, but it is the closest that you can get.

Before using the method, you have to know that Miracast is not reliable to the fullest and therefore, the implementation of this procedure is not copper-bottomed. Even in a case where you have the strongest internet connection, the possibility of mirroring without any lags and errors is extremely low. Therefore, it is not much recommended to watch TV or movies which are long. In case if your network is very strong and uncluttered, you can just mirror Kodi on Roku decently.

Alternative of Kodi Roku Combo:

As mentioned earlier, Kodi is made compatible with the Android, Windows, Linux and Mac devices. Therefore, connect a Kodi installed device to your device instead of trying to get Kodi Roku. Laptops usually have HDMI adapters while some of the tablets these days are also coming with them. Do not use Android devices, as it is totally a waste of time. In case if you are using Kodi on smartphones, use the Chromecast option to cast the videos on bigger screens either by using Google Cast Protocol for Android devices or AirPlay protocol for iOS devices. Also, if you have Android TV in your home, install Kodi on them; for example; the Nvidia Shield directly in order to stream Kodi on larger screen.

How to Mirror Kodi on Roku Using an Android Smartphone

We have found the answer to the question, Can you put kodi app on the roku? And the answer is yes! Though it is not possible to install Kodi app on roku 3 and you cannot even learn how to download kodi roku, we have figured a method using which you can watch the Kodi content on Roku by using a simple tweak and option provided by Roku streaming stick. Follow the below steps in order to run xmbc on roku 3.

There are two ways in which you can stream the Kodi on Roku TV,

  1. Using a Windows PC
  2. Using an Android smartphone

First of all you need to head over to your Roku 3 or the  streaming stick and,

  • Press the home button on your Roku 3
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and select System Update to check whether you have a software build 5.2 at least

kodi screen mirroring roku

  • The next step is to go back to the Settings menu and select ‘Screen Mirroring’ option from the list
  • Click on ‘Enable Screen Mirroring’ and press on OK

Now on your Windows PC,

  • Go to the start menu by pressing the Windows button
  • Search for ‘Device Settings’
  • Click on ‘Add Device’ on the next screen
  • Select your ‘Roku 3’ streaming device
  • You will see a purple screen on Roku 3 stick as shown below

kodi on roku streaming stick

Free Roku Channels 2017

In order to help you out, we are sharing the list of the Best Roku channels which you can use for free. This list consists of some great channels that allow you to watch movies, TV shows, news, programs for kids, stream music and many other things. So click on the below link to check out all those channels now!

List of Free Roku Channels 

We hope you enjoyed this Kodi on Roku guide. Let us know via comments if you have any kind of questions!


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    • Hi Chantle did you manage to mirror link kodi from smartphone to tv , if so how because I’m trying to do the same .
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  3. 1. Can you load Kodi on a Roku streaming stick 2016? The instructions mention the Roku3 but not the Roku 2016.
    2. Can you load Kodi on the Roku streaming stick on you windows computer and then use it on your smart TV?
    3. Would it be easier to buy an Amazon Fire stick and load Kodi on that to use on your TV?

    • You cannot load Kodi onto any Roku devices. You should definitely get the Amazon Fire Stick. I mean the only reason I would get either of these is to be able to stream premium channels and movies for free, and you cant do that on the Roku. You need to be able to install Kodi on your device. You install it on the Fire Stick with no problems.

      • the fire stick really sucks when it come to kodi. its ok with SPMC but it sucks bad with kodi. to much work. just get yourself a great 4k tv box and call it a day. why because they are setup like android phones and tablets which kodi was meant for from the jump to cast to tvs

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