BB Rec Download: New Screen Recorder for iOS 10/9.3/9.2/9.1/9 Without Jailbreaking

BB Rec Download: BB recorder is one of the best screen recorder for iOS. I have a lot of friends who face difficulties in recording their iPhone or iPad screens just because they do not have a good iOS app. The BB rec app is one of the nicest tools I have found which one can use to record their iPhone, iPad or iPod screens. There are no specific tools to record screen in Apple devices so the bb rec app will work like a charm for all the vloggers who love to record videos on their iOS devices.  One can record their screen by tethering their Apple device to the Macbook and use the Quicktime player but it is a really inept process, so check out this amazing application called BB Rec Download which is a great screen recorder for iOS devices.

The BB Rec app has suddenly gained a lot of popularity among all the iOS users within a very short time. The users can easily record their iPhone, iPad or iPod screens without having to connect to their Macbooks and use the Quicktime player. The BB Rec iPhone allows you to record your iOS device screen without jailbreaking your device which is an extra benefit since jailbreaking can affect your device in a lot of ways. So in this article I will teach you how to get bb rec and also how to use BB rec app to record your iPhone screens.

What is BB Rec App?

BB Rec is basically a professional tool for video recording on your iOS devices. There is also a video streaming service provided in this app. One can record video using BB Rec app and even import the recorded video albums. The transfer of videos is as easy as dragging and dropping using a finger.

bb rec app

Many people have faced the problem that BB Recorder is no longer available in the App Store and they can’t download BB Rec on their iOS devices. Well, there are no news about why BB Rec has been banned from the Apple App Store but I have found a way to download BB rec for iOS 9/9.3/9.2/10/9.1 without jailbreaking. Yes, you can download BB rec even though it is banned from the official App Store. Are you excited? So let us check out how!

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How to Download BB Rec Using vShare [No Jailbreak]

Around 2 weeks back, it was super easy to download BB Rec app by just going to the App Store, searching for it and clicking on Download & Install. But now since the app has been banned on the Apple App Store, I have found an easy way by following which you all can learn how to get bb rec in just minutes on your iPhone or iPad. So without delaying much now, I will note down the procedure to get the bb rec iPhone app.

  • First of all you need to download vShare Helper on your PC/computer using the below link

Download vShare Helper

  • The next step is to Install it on your PC by using the One-Click Installation process
  • Next step is to connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer and wait for vShare to detect and connect to it
  • Once your iOS device is connected to the computer and vShare helper, install vShare on your connected iPhone/iPad
  • After installed, open ‘vShare SE‘ and search for ‘BB Rec‘ in the search bar
  • Install it on your iPhone/iPad and you are done!

BBrec will be installed on your iOS device successfully if you follow the above process. I used the same process mentioned above and downloaded BB rec app on my iPhone as well as iPad yesterday. I will be sharing a step by step video tutorial on how to get BB rec following the above procedure, so stay tuned to this post.

bb rec iphone

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A lot of people have been searching for the BB rec apk and BB rec android version but we currently have no official news about if there will be an Android version of this app. So the iOS users can enjoy this amazing BB rec iOS screen recorder without jailbreak and record videos in minutes without having to worry about anything. Feel free to comment below if you face any issues while downloading or installing BB Rec on your iOS devices. Share the post if you love Apps Prison!

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