Download Aptoide for iOS [No Jailbreak]

Aptoide iOS Download: iPhone! Why do you think people go gaga over it? While brand and flaunting outlook are the external reasons, it is because of the high level secured operating system it offers. iOS which is prominent for the sophistication however has a cup of disadvantages that seldom irritate the brains out of the iOS users. For example, Android users are blessed with a vast domain of free apps, while iOS users get to pay for them. Also, many of the apps are available only in .apk format making the app impossible for them use.

Aptoide iOS is one such app whose search rate for the iOS devices have been hiking especially for the Aptoide iOS no jailbreak version. As there is no point in jailbreaking the device to install Aptoide for iOS, here is a brief version of how to make an Aptoide iOS download and install it without using Cydia or without jailbreaking the iOS device.

What is Aptoide App?

aptoide ios

Interestingly, Aptoide is not an app, but an app store. The Aptoide App is compatible with both the Android devices and the iOS devices and it contains a domain of many apps that are usually available on Google Play Store and iTunes Store or iOS Store. But, the question is; why would someone download the Aptoide when there are the default stores which include the same apps? The answer to this question is Aptoide offers all the apps entirely free. Therefore, more than the Android users; it is useful to the iOS users. By downloading Aptoide for iOS, one can get all the apps for free.

 How to download Aptoide for iOS without jailbreaking the device?

  • Initially, open the Safari browser on your iOS device and enter the term “Aptoide” in the Google Search.
  • From the results, go to the official website. Make sure that you get the right website and try avoiding to download from the “” as it is fake.
  • Now tab the “Box with a arrow” button located right above the round button and choose, “Add to Home Screen” from the pop-up menu.

aptoide ios download

  • Name this specific icon as the “Aptoide”. With this, you have done an Aptoide iOS install.
  • The process is same for all the iOS devices be it 9, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3. Therefore, this particular file is what you get when you search for Aptoide download iOS 9.

 How to use Aptoide? Aptoide iOS Minecraft Download:

  1. Once you’ve download the Aptoide, launch it from your system tray menu. Just like the iTunes Store or the Google Play Store, it will ask you to register with your credentials.
  2. Make sure you register yourself with proper details and login to the Aptoide.
  3. After logging in, you will find a search bar at the top of the interface with options like Home, Apps et,al.
  4. Go to the Apps, and search for ‘Minecraft’ by entering the same in the search bar.
  5. In the results, you will have a Minecraft pocket edition with 625,000+ downloads available. Click on it to get the ‘Install’ button.aptoide minecraft
  6. Click on the ‘Install’ button and wait for the installation to be done to lauch the game on your iOS device.
  7. The procedure is same for any app. In case if you don’t want to search it directly on the App, you can open the Aptoide’s website; “”. Loging in with the specific details
  8. Then, start searching for the required app and click on ‘install’ to be get the same app result on your phone.

So, just with the Aptoide installer iOS; you can get Aptoide for Apple device without any jailbreak. There are few other alternative app stores like Aptoide that are equally functional and that which offer the iOS apps free of charge. If you want to try them too, some of them include Hip4u and Appcola and also by using  a similar technique; you can refrain yourself to from jailbreaking the device while installing these files. Choose any app as per the convenience and approach us in case if you have any issues in the downloading process of Aptoide for iOS a.k.a Aptoide iOS so that we can get back to you with a relative solution. Thank you!

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