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4399 APK Download: Vexed with playing different games on your mobile with each game having a different interface and a different requirement? Yes, I can relate to that. Opening each game from a different logo and then playing the game after checking regular intervals is not as easy thing to do. Did you ever imagine playing multiple games, if only mini under the same app? The mini games collection is listed under an app, titled as 4399 APK with the best workability and functionality with exquisite fun. Try the colorful small-scale 4399 games that can reduce the stress with a single tap.

You can install all the games with a single tap, putting it in other words; it works as a mini Play Store only for the 4399 APK games.In case if you are looking forward to playing some casual games or the games which doesn’t involve much action or drama, 4399 Mini Games is the perfect app that you’re looking for. It has four unique games listed as of now and more games are to be updated in a shorter period.

Games under 4399 APK:

4399 games

  1. 7k7k: 7k7k is a Zig Zig game where you have a ball that makes endless turns. The best you can do is turn the ball at the right moment by using the swipe option and stop the ball from falling. To change the directions, tap on the screen to turn the direction.
  2. Ball Color Switch: In this game, you can change the ball color and make sure that the colors don’t collide the walls. In order to do that, keep tapping on the screen to jump and change the color.
  3. Ball Shooter: You can shoot the balls by tapping the screen. You can burst the same color balls by shooting the same color and make sure that the balls don’t touch the walls.
  4. Color Wheel: In this game you will have a color wheel and if you come across the border of the same color, all you need to do is tap it and keep scoring the points.

Features of 4399 APK:

4399 apk

The interface of the 4399 Games are classified into different types, say Action, Sports, Shooting, Girl, Adventure, Strategy, Shooting, Girl, Cartoon, Cross, Comics, Child et.al. The actual database of the website contains thousands of games where you can find multiple games with different characters across the world. By installing your favorite game, you can enact as a mermaid, a ninja, a samurai, a pirate and anything in the world. You can get the 4399 English version here at Apps Prison.

How to download 4399 APK?

  1. To download the 4399 APK, you can visit the Google PlayStore and type ‘4399.’ in order to get hold of the APK and install it. To download the third party sources, you should first allow your device to install the APK files.

Download APK

  1. To do that, go to “Settings” on your phone and go to “Security.” Check the box beside the “Security” and get back to this link on the browser.
  2. From the option given below, download the 4399 APK file and access the notification bar after downloading it.
  3. Now, start installing the 4399 App by tapping, ‘install’ on it. Wait till the installation is done and launch the app on your device.

How to Use 4399 Store?

4399 is easy to use. With many games listed on the home page, all you need to do is launch the app. From the interface, get hold of the apps that you want to install. By tap and holding an app, you will receive the “install” option. Install the game that you want to play within the app and start playing it without any hassles. This app works the same as any other collective gaming app and it has got some prominent games listed like the Minecraft Pocket edition et.al.


That being said, 4399 APK is the most feasible and one app solution to the users who constantly look for simple yet different and fun loving games that doesn’t involve many levels and much complexity. Download the app and get hold of thousands of new games on your device and if you have any issues regarding the installation, approach us so that we can help you with an appropriate solution or with the installation of the desired game.

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