25PP Download: Free Cracked Apps On iPhone, Android and PC

25pp Download: There are a lot of alternatives to the official App Stores of Android & iOS. Some of them are available in diverse languages but there are some in English language as well. Today, we introduce one of the most unique app stores called 25pp which is a very different kind of app and we will show you how to download this app on your iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Windows and Mac computer as well. Since at the moment, no jailbreak methods are actually reliable, downloading apps like Flekstore, Zestia and the great one, 25pp would be a superb option for enjoying cracked apps.

25pp download

25pp iOS no jailbreak English version can be downloaded by following this guide. So if you are one of those looking for a great app store using which you can get free cracked paid apps on iOS 9.3/9/9.3.2/9.1/10 then you should try the free 25pp download for Mac, PC, iPad and Windows as well. It has some of the latest paid apps in the store and it would be a perfect Intallous and Cydia alternative.

25PP Windows English Version Download

Many of the app stores which are available are either in Chinese or any other language which makes it tougher at times to download apps or games from those applications. But rest assured as the 25pp iOS app also has an English version and we are providing you a golden opportunity to download it here in this guide. If you want to know on which devices is the 25pp compatible, below is the list.

You can download the 25pp PC version or the 25pp Download Mac version by following the below links. The 25pp assistant will help you to download apps using your PC and connecting your phone with the help of a USB cable. So download the 25pp Mac and PC version by checking the below links.

How to Download 25PP iOS No Jailbreak for iPhone/iPad

25pp ios no jailbreak

So now we will see how to download 25pp iPhone without computer and without jailbreaking your iOS device. We will be sharing two methods to download and install this application on your iOS devices, the first one is without jailbreak and the other method will be for the jailbroken devices. So let us check out the first one,

  • First of all, you need to open Safari browser from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and go to the below link, you will find a lot of content written in Chinese language, just find a green button and click on it


  • When you will click on that button, it will take you to Settings>>General>>Profile/Device Management and ask you to install the profile and ‘Trust’ it
  • Once done, you will be asked to ‘Install‘ the 25pp app on your iOS device so click on it
  • You will be taken to another page in the browser and you will see the 25pp logo, tap on it
  • Again you will be taken to ‘Trust’ another profile and install it, once done the app will be installed
  • Go back to your home-screen and click on the 25pp logo and you are done!

If you are thinking how to use 25pp on your iOS devices, then I would say that it is really easy to search any app and click on Install and you will be able to use it in minutes. The application will be automatically installed after being downloaded once you search and tap on the Install button, so it’s no rocket science.

How to Download 25PP on Jailbroken iOS Devices

Since now you have learned how to download this app on the non-jailbroken device, let us check out the method to get this app on the jailbroken iPhone or iPads. Just go through the below steps to download 25pp on jailbroken iOS devices,

  • Open Cydis app >> Sources >> Edit >> Add
  • Add this sourceto it: http://apt.25pp.com/
  • Click on ‘Search‘ and enter 25PP
  • Install this app and respring your device
  • It’s done, start using 25PP now as we taught above

25PP APK Download | 25PP Download Android

For all the Android smartphone users, it is really simple to get the English Android version of this app. You need to follow the given below link in order to download 25PP for Android APK for free.

Download APK Android

Just make sure that you go to Settings>>Security>>Unknown Sources (tick mark this option) and then try installing this application using the APK file.

Other Cydia Alternatives:

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25PP Problem Fixes

25pp application verification failed

  1. 25pp application verification failed | 25pp not working: This problem is faced by some people and we have a simple solution for this problem. When you open 25pp and connect your iOS device, search on the left corner of the screen for red text. There will be a hand holding an apple right besides it, just click on it. Next, in the upper right corner of your screen, you will see a blue button. Click on it and the 25pp application verification failed problem will be resolved. You might also try changing your date and time, clearing safari cookies and try downloading the 25pp app if its not working.
  2. 25pp app crash fix | 25pp app crash permanent fix: You need to follow the steps in order as follow to solve this problem. Open 25pp app on your iOS device, and from the 4 buttons at the bottom of the screen, tap on the 4th one. Again click on the 4th button from the menu that comes (button will be showing a blue arrow). Now in the pop-up, click on the red button and wait for sometime, a pop will come up and click on the blue button again. You are done!
  3. 25pp not installing | 25pp wont install apps: Make sure you have enough storage on your device and there might be a situation when the games or apps may not have been made available in the non-jailbroken version of 25pp app, so wait for some days until they are pushed from the jailbroken mode to the non-jailbroken version of the app.

With this, our massively detailed 25pp guide comes to an end. We hope you enjoyed every bit of it and found it really easy to download, install and use 25pp app on your iOS, Android and PC. If you face any kind of difficulties or issues while following any of the steps mentioned in this post, just comment below and we will reach you out asap, thanks for reading and keep visiting us for more such updates.

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